Georgia Harrison ‘couldn’t leave her room’ after ex Stephen Bear allegedly ‘shared OnlyFans sex tape’

Georgia Harrison said she felt “so ashamed she couldn’t leave her room” after her “evil” ex Stephen Bear allegedly uploaded a video of them having sex onto Only Fans.

Bear, 32, is said to have filmed himself having sex with his ex Miss Harrison in his garden on August 2, 2020, on a CCTV camera before forwarding it to someone on WhatsApp.

He is then accused of posting the footage to his Only Fans account, a subscription-based adult website, on November 8 where it remained for a month.

The Ex On The Beach star is accused of two counts of revenge porn and one count of voyeurism – which he denies.

Giving evidence at Chelmsford Crown Court this morning from behind a screen, Miss Harrison denied “exaggerating and embellishing” her account to “get Bear nicked”.

She said: “After what’s happened I was in the worst state of my life. I can’t explain the shame I felt. I couldn’t leave my room. Instead of explaining, he put his subscription fee up. My brother and sister had to see me having sex on his account.

“Whether he did it or not – that’s no way to act if that video is mistakenly on your account. It’s brazen.”

She added: “I’m hurt, I’m upset, I'm ashamed and I deserve justice for what I have been through and he deserves consequences.”

Miss Harrison told jurors she initially thought there must have been a mistake, explaining: “I knew it had originated from him but I didn’t think he would be monetising it on a verified account. That’s just so stupid on his part and so evil.

“I thought maybe it was a mistake.”

Miss Harrison also denied showing the sex tape to other people or being upset with Bear because he did not want a more serious relationship with her.

She said she was now sure with “every inch of her” Bear was responsible for uploading the posts, adding: “It’s clear from the evidence and his demeanour following on from the crime. It’s not hard to see.”

Jurors heard yesterday Bear made just shy of $50,000, or £40,000, on Only Fans between opening the account in October 2020 up until its deactivation in early December.

On the day the footage was uploaded, the account was said to have raised the subscription fee from $7.50 to $50, before lowering it to $20.

An advert for the video was allegedly uploaded with the caption: “Morning everyone. Can’t wait for you to see me f*cking in my garden. Here’s a sneak peak. I will be dropping this video tonight.”

It was said the video with Miss Harrison was then sent to Bear’s 1,061 subscribers.

The pair were said to have met in 2012 but started dating in October 2018 after appearing on MTV’s The Challenge together.

They had split by July 2019 but by August 2020 they were speaking again and Miss Harrison said she went to Bear’s house in Loughton, Essex, for a cup of tea.

Miss Harrison told the court today they split after Bear “locked her out of their hotel room and had sex with another woman in it”.

She also accused Bear of kissing one of her friends at a launch for her clothing range which she was “upset about”.

On August 2, the pair ended up on an all-day drinking session, eating lunch at a local Turkish restaurant, before returning back to Bear’s home where they “chatted, had a laugh and drank tequila shots and wine”.

Giving evidence yesterday, Miss Harrison said she had “absolutely no idea” he had CCTV until he mentioned it later.

Miss Harrison said: “He was like ‘Oh babe I just realised some of that might have been on my CCTV’.

“I didn’t think in a million years it was caught from start to finish.

“I was trying to explain if he ever sent it to someone and it came out it would have a serious effect on our lives. He was making me feel like I was over-exaggerating about something that wasn’t intentional.”

Miss Harrison said she informed Bear that sharing the footage was revenge porn which carried a prison sentence, and he reassured her he had deleted the 20-minutes of footage.

She said she next saw Bear a month later for his sunbed shop launch but shortly afterwards was told by a man he had seen footage of her giving Bear oral sex.

Miss Harrison told jurors she was then on holiday in Dubai in December when she began to receive messages warning her a video of her and Bear had been posted to various porn sites.

Jurors saw clips from Bear’s Instagram story in which he told followers he had not seen Miss Harrison for two years and she was not the woman in the video.

Bear was arrested in January 2021 at Heathrow Airport on arrival from a holiday in Dubai, and charged in May.

Jurors heard on his arrest, Bear told police his phone he was using in Dubai was in his suitcase and he was taken to baggage reclaim to identify it.

Bear allegedly said he could not remember what his luggage looked like but officers identified it as it had ‘Bear’ written on it – but the phone was never located.

The ex roofer, of Loughton, Essex, won Celebrity Big Brother in 2016 and co-presented Just Tattoo Of Us with Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby on MTV in 2017.

The trial continues.

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