‘Great innings’ Piers Morgan speaks out as friend prepares to bid final farewell to show

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Former GMB presenter Piers Morgan is famed for his decision to leave ITV behind over a “woke” debate about Meghan Markle and mental health. However, now, he has responded to friend Wilfred Frost’s news that he, too, is going through a dramatic change in his life by leaving CNBC.

Looking forward to seeing you back on our screens in Blighty!

Piers Morgan

“Great innings, Wilf – congrats!” Piers praised in view of his almost eight million Twitter followers.

“Looking forward to seeing you back on our screens in Blighty.”

He included a retweet of the original post from Wilfred, which read: “After a wonderful 7.5 years at @CNBC, 6 living in New York, and 4 as host of @CNBCClosingBell – today is my final show.

“Please join me 3-5pm ET with @SaraEisen and @michaelsantoli from @NYSE one last time.”

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Piers and Wilfred previously worked together on Good Morning Britain back in 2014, before the latter left for New York City.

Wilfred may no longer be a household name in the UK, following his departure to the USA, but his latest announcement marks his homecoming – back to London, where he was originally born and raised.

He is expected to continue to be a CNBC contributor from afar, and will additionally begin work with Sky News in late March.

The anchor, son of the late Sir David Frost, also has intrigue from the public due to the ties he has to the British royal family through his parentage.

Wilfred once played football with the former President of the United States, George W Bush.

He also appeared at a charity event for the British Heart Foundation with Princess Beatrice by his side back in 2018.

Besides that, he also has links to the Duke of Norfolk via his mother.

Piers, who has never disguised his royalist tendencies and love for the Queen and some of the other members of the ruling family, has no doubt bonded with Wilfred over this shared appreciation.

Meanwhile, Wilfred’s wife Kaley Adolf has been working on the New York fashion scene as a PR executive.

The couple are now expected back in the UK any day now – and Piers appears to be warmly welcoming them.

He began his career in London, after graduating from Oxford University and working for five years with an investment management company.

He then followed in his father’s footsteps into TV journalism before making his break.

Meanwhile on Twitter, speculation mounted over what Wilfred’s next career move would be and whether Piers would be involved with it in any way.

@CheltenhamRed questioned: “Is he joining your station Piers?”

@GrandmasterDan interpreted the original tweet: “Meaning he’ll be on Piers’ new show in the near future..”

Followers will have to wait and see whether the pair are due to reunite.

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