Gwyneth Paltrow looks youthful showing off her impressive bikini body

Gwyneth Paltrow, 48, looks youthful showing off her impressive bikini body with a sauna selfie as Goop unveils the ‘secret to ultimate summer radiance’

She’s always one step ahead of evolving health and fitness trends, thanks to her lifestyle brand Goop.

On Tuesday, Gwyneth Paltrow once again proved that her hard work pays off, as she displayed her impressive bikini body while taking a selfie in a sauna.

The snap of the 48-year-old actress and entrepreneur was posted to the official Goop account which teased the ‘secret to ultimate summer radiance.’ 

It’s getting hot in here! Gwyneth Paltrow, 48, looks youthful showing off her impressive bikini body as Goop reveals the ‘secret to ultimate summer radiance’ (Posted on Tuesday) 

According to the caption, the secret requires a ‘multipronged approach’ including, ‘good food, great exercise, a glow-inducing supplement, powerfully restorative skin care, and of course some fun stuff (highlighter, self-tanner, and more).’

The post linked to an article on the wellness site that listed 11 steps to achieving sun-kissed skin without having to bathe in sunlight. 

On the site, Gwyneth talks about her love of Clearlight Saunas, saying: ‘I do an infrared sauna as often as I can. I walk out feeling so much more relaxed—and glowy, too.’ 

However, even green goddess Gwyneth is partial to a break from her ultra-healthy lifestyle every now and then. 

Not a total angel: Earlier this year, she revealed how she drank ‘seven nights a week’ during lockdown

Earlier this year, she revealed how she drank ‘seven nights a week’ during lockdown.

The Goop founder has confessed she enjoyed many a tipple when she was stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic, and even created her own drink called the Buster Paltrow, which she named after her granddad.

‘I drank alcohol during quarantine. I was drinking seven nights a week and making pasta and eating bread. I went totally off the rails. I mean, who drinks multiple drinks seven nights a week? Like that’s not healthy,’ she said in an interview.

‘I love whiskey and I make this fantastic drink called the Buster Paltrow, which I named after my grandfather who loved whiskey sours. And it’s this great quinoa whiskey from this distillery in Tennessee with maple syrup and lemon juice. It’s just heaven. I would have two of those every night of quarantine.’

Clean-living: The Goop found is often showing off her ultra-healthy lifestyle on Instagram 

Meanwhile, the actress previously confessed that ‘wine, pasta, biscuits and cheese’ got her through lockdown.

She said: ‘I was absolutely no holds barred. I gained 14 pounds and my gut was a mess. But I just didn’t want to do anything about it, really.

‘I felt like my wine and my pasta and biscuits and crackers and cheese were getting me through.

However, the Iron Man actress has now lost 11 pounds through an intuitive fasting program.

She added: ‘I remember when I started this intuitive fasting program January 3. I thought, all I could think about was, “When can I have a cocktail again?”. You know me, I don’t cheat, I don’t break, I’m so disciplined and I was like, I can’t do this.’

‘Then I started to feel so good after about 60 days in. And now I’m starting to feel so good that I’m like, yeah, I would drink if I could, maybe, but not seven days a week anymore. I don’t want to go back to that.’

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