Gypsy Rose Blanchard To Take on Public Speaking Once Freed From Prison

Gypsy Rose Blanchard

Gypsy Rose Blanchard is ready to step up to a microphone once she’s released from prison — but it won’t be for fame and attention, instead, she wants to help others who suffer like she once did.

The infamous felon, who pled guilty to second-degree murder for the 2015 slaying of her mother, is ready to turn over a new leaf when she gets out in December … according to sources close to Gypsy.

Gypsy & Dee Dee

Those sources tell TMZ … Gypsy’s planning on doing a lot of public speaking and engaging in advocacy work on behalf of child abuse victims. Obviously, that’s how she categorizes herself, on account of what she says her mom, Dee Dee, put her through.

Specifically, we’re told Gypsy wants to raise awareness about Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy — the medical term professionals have used to describe Dee Dee’s actions.

It pertains to a parent who pretends their kids are sick and live out the lie.

Considering Gypsy’s extensive experience in this realm, our sources say she believes she can help a lot of other people who might be going through something similar … and in the same breath, it’ll put a positive spotlight on mental health from her POV.

We’re told Gypsy’s grown and matured a lot while incarcerated, and she feels well-equipped to reacclimate into society and do some good. Our sources say she has a support system around her — including her husband, Ryan — to help with the transition.

One thing Gypsy’s taken part in while in prison is group therapy — which we’re told was incredibly helpful — but when she’s out, she’ll probably enter one-on-one trauma therapy sessions, as she’s still working through her issues.

As we reported … Gypsy was granted early parole last month, a few years before she was originally supposed to be released under her 10-year sentence.

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