I’m A Celeb’s Shaun Ryder says two campmates are ‘faking it’ in the jungle after exit

I'm A Celebrity All Stars' first evicted contestant, Shaun Ryder says two of his campmates are "faking it".

Shaun, lead singer of Happy Mondays and one of the cast of Celebrity Gogglebox, lost the first survival trial of the new season of I'm A Celebrity and was soon eliminated from the series, alongside his teammate and fellow camper Gillian McKeith.

The double elimination came as a huge shock to other campmates and viewers at home – many of which thought the pair would be in the series for a long while. Viewers had initially been looking forward to seeing Shaun and Gillian on their screens again, after the pair's infamous bust-up on I'm A Celebrity 13 years ago – but the pair's appearance on the programme this time round was short-lived.

And what's come even more of a shock to fans of the show is Shaun's frustration at Gillian and ex-Royal butler Paul Burrell, both of which he claims are "acting up" to impress audiences at home, reports the Mirror.

"I've bumped into Gillian at least ten times in the last 12 years with her kids, with my kids, and I thought we're all good," Shaun told The Sun. But on entering camp he felt the TV nutritionist wanted to "do battle".

He added that Gillian's attempt to sneak contraband into the campsite was "typical" – before referring to her fainting during an episode of I'm A Celeb back in 2010 as "a load of b******s".

After leaving the jungle, Gillian addressed being picked by Shaun as his partner for the first survival challenge and said: "I thought there's no way Shaun is going to pick me. I'm the last person you'd pick, right? He comes back and I'm lying there, enjoying my bed, chatting to Janice and he then says he had to pick someone.

"I hear my name and I said 'what, is this pay back for 2010'? Honestly, why did he pick me? I tried to convince him to pick Fatima as he might have won [the trial]!

"I wanted to win, I'm not a defeatist at all. And I really want to take my best shot but because it was a race, just as I got started, we lost! I'm disappointed by the way that I had to go out. I didn't want to leave. I think if it was voted for by the public I would have had more trials."

Shaun also suggested that whilst Paul Burrell comes across well, he doesn't think he's entirely genuine.

"I love Paul Burrell, but the end of the day Paul comes from a pit village. Paul's dad was a miner, Paul is hard as f***," Shaun claimed.

Paul recently revealed he had gone on the programme to support and raise awareness of "dads struggling with their sexuality".

Paul, 64, finished in second place in the 2004 series of the programme – and said his life is very different now to how it was 19 years ago. "I loved doing it the first time around and to be asked again is very special," he said previously. "It's like coming into the final of the jungle Olympics. I had to eat kangaroo testicles in Australia, and I am expecting everything to be bigger in South Africa.

"[I'm a] different person now. I was a married guy with two kids, and now 19 years on, I am a married man again, but this time around, I have a husband."


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