Jamie Lynn Spears ‘walked from I’m A Celeb after missing luxury item’

Jamie Lynn Spears was seen struggling with the jungle in the first week of I'm A Celebrity and told her fellow campmates including Sam Thompson several times that she was considering going home.

Now, the star, who spoke about missing her children and wanting to see them has left the show, with show bosses citing her departure as due to "medical reasons".

Here, Judi James, speaking exclusively to Paddy Power Games, analyses her potential other reasons for leaving the jungle and takes a look at some other interactions from the Australia-based show…..

She says: “Jamie’s welter of wet tears during the first week of the show were painful to watch, and missing out on her children’s photos from home produced some of her worst signals of distress, but the endless supply of support and comfort from Nella, Josie and Danielle (and probably production behind the scenes) gave us a strong, confident and entertaining Jamie for the last few days before she quit.

“There were several potential reasons behind her sudden, dramatic exit but her body language pinpoints the fact that a chef’s apron could be partly to blame.

“When Sam and Co returned from the Misery Motel without her cherished luxury item from home that she must have been secretly longing for (despite denying it), Jamie’s body language looked solid and stoic until she saw they had brought back an apron for the chef instead.

“Unfairness can be a very strong trigger for anger or rejection, even small acts of unfairness. People will endure a lot but not when there’s unfairness involved.

"When everyone is struggling equally a group can show strength and resilience, but if one or a few of that group get treated better for wrong or no reasons the rest will de-motivate or revolt. Jamie’s body language signalled silent upset and inner revolt from that stage on.

“Asking Sam why he chose an apron she showed visible signs of inner anger or rejection. Her smile died, she frowned and tilted her head to suggest puzzlement and her lower jaw jutted in defiance.

“Suddenly after that moment, she sat in camp in a diminished pose, self-hugging and scratching to signal distress and a desire to self-comfort.

“When she told Tony ‘I’m not in control of things’ she gave another clue about her frustration with unfair leadership. ‘When is that…head getting off the throne?’ was another example of her distress and frustration as she began to moan about the chores she had been given by ‘king’ Sam.

“This time she was mocked and laughed at when she said she wanted to leave, despite her very real upset that Tony had clearly spotted.

"Sam said she was crying wolf and Fred talked over her and cracked jokes. For them it was probably banter but being disbelieved and laughed at didn’t seem to sit well with Jamie.

“Jamie sat gripping the sides of her hammock like a small and very upset child in a pram, her mouth open in disbelief at the others’ laughter.

"That square of chocolate she was given in place of her children’s photo was just a triggering reminder of the real world that was waiting outside.”

The body language expert also addressed whether Nigel has pretended to be scared in order to get more air time.

“Nigel has been openly keen to do the jungle challenges, repeating several times that it gets 25% more airtime. Airtime is like pure oxygen to Nigel," Judi explained.

"Unlike a politician like Hancock, who was in the jungle for image and brand rehab, Nigel’s motivation looks more like Trump’s.

"Trump created direct contact with the voters via ‘reality’ TV and this show gives Nigel the chance of similar, populist exposure, but only if he makes it onto screen.

“But Nigel made a schoolboy error when he got through his first challenge too easily. Nobody puts a bore up for more challenges.

"Did he spot this mistake and try to rectify it last night by play-acting fear, failing badly and yelling ‘Get me out of here?’

“His over-wary walk across the bridge did look like overkill body language acting as he clung onto the ropes. That bridge is normally no problem after the first few days, but Nigel walked full of dread, with his eyes up, keeping up an on-mic dialogue as he said, ‘Don’t look down, they say’.

“His theatrical wince as he was briefed before the challenge was caught in glorious close up and his eyes went straight to Ant and Dec after the wince as though judging their response.

"His hands were clasped in front of his torso with meshed fingers though, suggesting self-control, and the little fingers were held in a downward steeple, another gesture of status and confidence. He also bounced on his heels in a ritual of congruent enthusiasm.

“Nigel performed another theatrical wince when he heard it was under water, but it was at about this point that his fear response began to look real, rather than performed for camera time.

“Once in the tank there were several cues that hinted at genuine fear. Keeping his hand clasp above the water level hinted at genuine reluctance and his puffing of his cheeks looked like tension.

"Instead of playing up the drama for the cameras he went quiet, standing with his head down and one hand up to his face.

"No noise, no screaming when the critters went in, just a careful attempt to edge up the tank and away from the water, while he heard Nick next door acting the hero but also yelling and screaming to gain that 25% extra airtime for all the right reasons.”

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