Jeff Lowe Accuses Carole Baskin of Spying, Fight Breaks Out with Neighbors

Jeff Lowe claims Carole and Howard Baskin are spying on him with drones, and when he went to confront them, a fight allegedly broke out with his neighbors and the cops had to respond.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … the Lowes called cops Tuesday morning to report a disturbance at Joe Exotic‘s old zoo, and when deputies showed up they discovered Jeff had gotten in a fight with a neighbor — not Carole and Howard.

Jeff says it all started when his son saw a drone flying over the zoo, and when he went to investigate he claims he saw Carole, Howard and his neighbors, a couple, hanging with a film crew.

The way Jeff tells it … the Baskins and his neighbors took off when they saw him, and when he tried to stop a car leaving the neighbors’ property — thinking Carole might be inside — the neighbors’ son got out and they tussled.

Our law enforcement sources say Carole was in the area, but was not on Jeff’s property and she broke no laws.

Howard tells TMZ … they were flying a drone in the area to monitor conditions at the zoo, and he says the initial drone footage shows a significant amount of what appears to be stress-related or “stereotypic” pacing among the animals.

Carole’s husband says they had a film crew there to record what they were doing, and the Baskins were visiting with Lowe’s neighbors for a different reason altogether.

Jeff claims it was the neighbor’s son who started the fight, throwing coffee at his car and pushing him. However, Howard claims Jeff started the fight with the neighbor’s son … he says Jeff attacked unexpectedly and dragged the guy to the ground.

The incident is far from over … our law enforcement sources say the police report will be sent to the local District Attorney, who will determine whether Jeff or the man he was fighting will be charged.

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