Jenelle Evans Gets Blasted on TikTok: Stop Verbally Abusing Your Kids!

Jenelle Evans is many things to many people, and they’re pretty much all bad.

Some critics of Evans’ prefer to focus on her long history of bigotry or her rampant substance abuse.

Still others zero in on her constant lying, her refusal to find a real job that might allow her to comfortably support her family, or her constant, seething rage that’s all too often directed at her children.

There’s so much to choose from!

As you’re surely aware by now, Jenelle was fired from Teen Mom 2 back in 2019, and she now spends her days uploading a constant stream of content to her TikTok page.

So if you ever wondered what Jenelle is up to these days, don’t worry — she’ll tell you. Constantly.

She also includes her kids in this latest grift, because why not?

Maybe being forced to dance for an audience of millions helps distract the little tykes from the constant flashbacks to the time when their father beat, shot, and killed the family dog in front of them.

Whatever the case, Jenelle had Ensley by her side this week as she offered some insights into the state of her mental health:

“My personality is like, ‘I don’t give a f–k,’” Jenelle said.

“But my anxiety is like, ‘I do.’”

Now, unlike most of Jenelle’s content, this one is mildly witty, and we’re sure a lot of people can relate to the sentiment.

Unfortunately, Jenelle has spent her life bullying, berating, and lashing out at just about everyone she encounters, so critics are hardwired to seek out the worst part of just about everything she posts. 

This time, it was the fact that Jenelle constantly drops f-bombs in the presence of her kids, especially 4-year-old Ensley.

This is almost like one of those of cases where Jenelle gets body-shamed on TikTok.

There are definitely better things to make fun of Jenelle for, but since this latest criticism isn’t nearly as repugnant as making fun of someone’s appearance, we’ll allow it.

According to Us Weekly, Evans followed up her latest video with an irate Instagram Story addressed to “all the mom-shamers.”

“Ensley knows that’s a bad word and she is not allowed to say it,” she wrote.

Yeah, some people swear in front of their kids and some don’t, and it’s really just a personal decision that doesn’t seem to have any real impact on the children’s mental health or general well-being.

Now, the constant state of seething rage in which Jenelle and David live their lives?

That probably messed their kids up something awful!

Just last week, Jenelle was accused of issuing a death threat to a fan who criticized one of her videos.

“Y’all always comment something ignorant,” Evans lip-synced to audio from someone else’s post.

“That’s what a natural body look like. And if you don’t like it, close your eyes and don’t open them again. Next time you breathe, don’t.”

Jenelle is always so angry on Instagram and TikTok that we often find ourselves wondering why she continues to post on the sites.

Then we remember that these are her only sources of income and she would do literally anything to avoid getting a job.

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