Jenelle Evans: There’s Something Seriously Wrong with My Brain, Dude!

Jenelle Evans has a lot of little quirks that Teen Mom fans have noticed over the years.

One of them is her bizarre insistence that she has a variety of very, very serious health problems.

People get sick, obviously, and sometimes in ways that aren’t easy for doctors to diagnose.

But then there are people who try to convince doctors and/or themselves that something is terribly wrong with them, typically either for attention or prescriptions.

We can’t say which category Jenelle falls into, but we do know that she’s currently fallen ill to yet another mysterious illness.

Over on her YouTube channel, the former Teen Mom 2 star has been documenting her newest struggle, which seems to center around debilitating pain in her neck and back.

She’s said she’s also been suffering from bad headaches and nausea, and lots of popping in her neck.

This has all been going on for several months now, and in that time, she’s gotten several tests done and an alleged diagnosis of syringomyelia, which is essentially a cyst on the spinal cord.

We say that it’s an alleged diagnosis because she’s admitted to doing a lot of the diagnostics herself here, and it’s hard to say what information comes from an actual doctor and what information she’s pulled from Google.

All the way back in March, she claimed that after a bit of her own research, she came to a conclusion about what she believed cause the syringomyelia — something called Chiari malformation.

If someone has this condition, it means that their brain doesn’t sit completely inside of their skull, part of it dips down into the spinal canal.

It can be difficult to diagnose, but it’s usually done with an MRI, which she’s had.

Still, she says doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong with her and this Chiari malformation is just her best guess.

And it turns out that she’s so invested in this diagnosis that she’s already joined support groups on Facebook for people with this problem.

A Teen Mom Instagram account has screenshots from Jenelle’s post in the group, and they’re … well, they’re something.

To be clear, we can’t verify this because there’s no link to the actual group, but the screenshots show Jenelle’s name and profile picture, and in her latest YouTube video she did talk about how she’d been joining these kinds of groups.

She even said that she’d shared images from her MRI with people in these groups, and one of these screenshots from her posts in the group contain a selfie, so …

We say there’s a solid chance this really is Jenelle.

One of Jenelle’s posts in this group reads “Saw my doc today and he told me my syrinx is probably unrelated to my neck cracking issu at c1-c2. I asked him if I had Chiari malformation and he said ‘everything looks fine for your brain MRI.'”

“Well I could be wrong,” she continued, “but when I look at my MRI of my brain, my cerebellum looks herniated and I think docs are overlooking the issue.”

She asked if anyone knew how to read MRIs to spot the malformation, because she clearly trusts strangers on Facebook and her own Google skills more than her doctor.

Someone replied and said that it’s pretty easy to spot this condition on an MRI and asked if she’d ask her doctor to go over the images with her.

“No I think the docs are just reading results and not looking at the images,” she answered, apparently not realizing that a doctor had to look at the images to get the results in the first place.

She also reiterated that she’d seen a neurosurgeon who told her that her brain looks “fine,” but again, not good enough for our Jenelle!

Another thing she asked about was “extreme heat/cold intolerance” because “when I go out in the heat for only 5 mins my face turns BEAT RED.”

Beat red, honestly.

Really, the whole thing boils down to Jenelle being privileged enough to get extensive testing done by highly qualified doctors, then ignoring everything those doctors say because it’s not what she wants to hear.

And for some reason, she seems to really want to hear that her brain is not fully in her skull.

This girl … what will she think of next?!

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