Joan Collins stuns in shirt and vest combo for husband’s birthday

Joan Collins has joined celebrities such as Piers Morgan and Christopher Biggins in an Instagram pic

She addressed her 292,000 followers to share the snaps. 

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Joan Collins, 89, has joined other celebrities in celebration of her husband Percy Gibson’s birthday, who turned 57 last week. Guests included Christopher Biggins and Piers Morgan. 

Joan was dressed in a stunning white dress shirt with a light, black vest combo. 

She could be seen pictured in the middle of Piers and Christopher. 

Christopher was grinning as he was dressed in a bright pink suit and shirt as he raised his hands in the air cheerfully.

The Uncensored presenter dressed in a staple black suit and white shirt combo, as he smiled boyishly while sipping a beverage in one hand.

Joan Collins shared the snaps in time for her husband’s birthday. 

It comes in time for Percy Gibson’s 57th birthday. 

The couple have been married for 20 years 

Joan Collins and Percy Gibson married in 2002 at London’s Claridge’s Hotel. 

Joan Collins and Percy Gibson knew each other for two years before marrying

The couple met in 2000 during a theatre production and got married in 2002.

Percy Gibson is a Hollywood producer who comes from Peru

He is best known for the films The Time of Our Lives, Banksy’s Coming to Dinner, and the TV show Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

Joan Collins has previously raised concerns about the couple’s 31 year age gap

She told The Sun some years ago: “ The fact that I was older didn’t matter to us,” she says. “It was giddy, it was fantastic and Percy and I fell madly in love.”

It is Joan Collins fifth marriage and Percy Gibson’s second

He was previously married to Cynthia Bauer for over a decade.

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