Joanna Gaines' Son Crew Makes Gardening Look Easy and Fans Can't Get Enough of the Cuteness Overload

Joanna Gaines is the queen of interior design, entrepreneurship, television executives, cooking, mothering, and many more things. The television personality has built an empire alongside her husband Chip with the Magnolia brand that has their fans wild for everything that they do. Now Joanna seemingly has the next generation of Gaineses ready to take over in the future and her son Crew seems to be the perfect fit.

Crew Gaines showcases his gardening skills

Joanna’s son Crew may only be 3 years old, but he already has many skills that adults can only dream of having. Crew is privileged to have Chip and Joanna as their parents passing along all the creativity that has given them so much success over the years on Fixer Upper.

In an Instagram post that explodes with cuteness, Joanna snapped Crew watering flowers late at night to make sure they blossomed beautifully in the spring. Crew can be seen delicately pouring water in the pots as proud mother Joanna overlooked his great gardening skills.

“He wanted to check on his tulips last night. Pretty soon the garden will be dancing with these beauties,” Joanna shared on Instagram.

It wasn’t long before fans swarmed the comments to give Crew props for the great work he’s doing and appreciate the adorableness of the video.

“He’s so gentle when watering. Just enough on each one,” a fan noted.

“This melts me. So precious,” a follower added.

“So sweet! There’s nothing better than kids in the garden,” an Instagram user said.

“What a way sweet way to teach him all about God’s beauty, the way things grow, responsibilities in a fun way & the expectation of GOOD things to come,” another fan mentioned.

“Precious- he will love them & appreciate all the effort. Lessons being learned,” another follower commented.

“Pretty much the sweetest thing ever. Those untied boots. Adorable,” another Instagram user said.

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