Joe Rogan Says Jake Paul Has Real Shot to Beat Ben Askren, He's No Bum!

Yeah, he’s a YouTube kid … but don’t count out Jake Paul in his scrap against Ben Askren, so says Joe Rogan who thinks Jake has real talent.

Joe was talking about the April 17th boxing match on his podcast with ex-UFC fighter Brendan Schaub — who strongly believes Askren is gonna beat that ass.

Schaub’s point is Askren is too accomplished and too experienced as a high-level combat sports athlete to lose to a 24-year-old with only 2 pro fights under his belt.

Schaub also says both of Jake’s opponents — including ex-NBA star Nate Robinson — were bums with essentially zero fighting experience.

Meanwhile, Askren has been in real, full-contact fights with some elite strikers — which gives him a tremendous advantage.

Still, Rogan says Askren isn’t really known as a stand-up striker — and without being able to use his elite wrestling skills, it definitely levels the playing field.

“[Ben Askren] is strong as f**k. He knows how to grab ahold of guys, and drag them to the ground and implement his style. He won’t be able to do that. His main thing will be out. His main thing will be completely removed.”

As for Jake, Rogan says he’s impressed from what he’s seen so far.

“You can watch [Jake Paul] hit the bag, watch him hit pads, watch him spar — he’s got good timing, he’s got very good hand speed, his technique is excellent,” Rogan said.

“He’s got very good striking technique.”

They may disagree on who will win, but Rogan and Schaub agreed on one thing — it’ll be fun to watch … and that’s kinda the point.

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