Judge Robert Rinder pictured in hospital after undergoing surgery

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Judge Robert Rinder, 44, sparked concern after sharing some pictures of himself in hospital with his 251,500 Twitter followers today. The star had appeared on Good Morning Britain just earlier today before he ended up being taken in for surgery. 

Rob could be seen lying back in bed hooked up to a drip, as he explained what had happened in the caption. 

“Started the day holding politicians to account on ⁦@GMB and interviewing Lulu and Richie Sambora…” he wrote.  

“Finished it having a prolapsed disc in my back repaired & healed… 

“Life can change in a moment… Hold on to joy wherever you find it (thanks brilliant medical team).” (sic) 

Rob didn’t hold back during the interview, interrupting Angela to make his point on multiple occasions. 

“I’m so sorry, I’m going to get into terrible trouble on social media, I don’t really care – these are not difficult questions,” he insisted. 

While at another point in the interview, he also snapped: “Cleaning up politics is important, I’m talking over you Angela Rayner because we don’t have time, it’s not a party political broadcast.”

After Rob’s rollercoaster of a day, his followers took to the comments section to send him messages of support.

John Maguire penned: “True words and I feel you on back surgery.”

“Get well soon,” added Graham Liver with a heart emoji. 

“Great news – get well soon!” wrote Suzanne Evans, as Barnaby Jameson added: “Get well soon, Rob!”

Debbie wrote: “OMG Rob, I feel for you so much, just glad you’ve had it dealt with, it’s a very painful condition, Now for you to rest and take it easy. Love Debs.” (sic) 

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