Kaley Cuoco issues warning against common plant which made her dog ‘violently ill’

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The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco has issued an urgent warning to dog owners after her pet became 'violently ill' from ingesting a popular plant.

The actress shared on Instagram how it took her two months to work out what was wrong with her pup, King, who ended up requiring surgery to save his life.

After taking her dog to see a specialist, it was revealed that he had eaten Foxtail, a common long tall grass often found in large fields and countryside that can be 'extremely dangerous to animals.'

According to Pet MD, "Foxtail plants are a weed-type grass that can cause serious problems for dogs.

"Foxtails can also be inhaled, lodged in the ears, swallowed, and embedded in the paws."

The star of The Flight Attendant told how vets found two pieces of the plant lodged in her dog's body that were just 'days away from piercing her heart.'

Sharing a picture of Foxtail alongside some images of her poorly dog, Kaley warned her followers: "This is Foxtail.

"They are extremely dangerous to animals, especially dogs. We spent the last 2 months trying to figure out what was wrong [with] our King.

"He had been violently ill, and nothing was working.

"Many vet appointments, surgery, and endless meds.

"Finally found a specialist who found 2 of these in his body, days away from piercing his heart!!"

The mum, 37, who welcomed baby Matilda in April with partner Tom Peplphrey, also shared pictures of King's shaved body and stitches.

She continued to update her followers, saying: "He is doing soooo much better, but as u can see he has tons of stitches from a super intense surgery…," she wrote over the photo.

"Also, please note these must be surgically removed. They do not heal on their own!"

Animal lover Kaley is known for rescuing several pooches and is a dog mum to Zeus, Ruby, Shirley, and Miss Opal, as well as horses and farm animals.

She ended her post by sharing an adorable picture of her Chihuahua standing on a comforting blanket while wrapped up in surgical gauze after the medical emergency.

"Take care of your pets or don't have one!" she wrote. "We are so grateful he is OK and will live a long happy life!"

It comes as Kaley sadly lost one of her dogs in May after announcing that her Chihuahua Dump Truck, an elderly dog she has rescued over the pandemic, has passed away.

The mum-of-one took to Instagram to write an emotional tribute to the dog, saying: "'A dog is the only thing on earth.

'My sweetest Dump Truck, saying goodbye to you has deeply pierced my soul.'"

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