Kanye West is spreading rumors that Pete Davidson is a gay junkie who has AIDS

Kanye West is deeply unhappy. He is unhappy that his estranged wife is setting reasonable boundaries one year into their divorce. He is unhappy that Kim Kardashian has all of her legal ducks in a row and that she has her PR on lock. He is unhappy that Kim is dating Pete Davidson, who dresses like he shops at the mall. The basic gist: Ye is big mad, he’s salty as hell and he’s lashing out A LOT. Currently, he’s directing his ire at Kim and Pete exclusively. Kanye is apparently starting rumors that Pete has AIDS. I cannot even believe this is happening, but TMZ and Page Six’s sources are swearing up and down that Kanye has been telling multiple people that.

Despite spending years developing a reputation as a devout Christian rapper who hosted Sunday Services and ceased cursing on his albums, Kanye West has turned a corner and is allegedly spreading unfounded rumors that Pete Davidson is gay and has AIDS.

The Yeezy designer first made his disdain for estranged wife Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend known when he threatened him in his new track “Eazy,” rapping, “God saved me from that crash / Just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s ass.”

But now sources tell us that West, 44, has escalated this one-sided feud by spreading the rumors to anyone who will listen. Our sources also alleged that West, who is very publicly dating actress Julia Fox, is telling people that Davidson, 28, is a junkie in addition to threatening that he’s going to have the “Saturday Night Live” star beaten up.

A source close to West, however, called the claims “nonsense,” while a source close to Davidson told us, “He’s ignoring all of the Kanye hate out of respect for Kim.”

Our info echoes DJ Akademiks’ comments on Twitch earlier this week in which he claimed West is “going crazy with himself… A n—a told me, this is real talk, Kanye has been telling anyone within an earshot of himself, he’s trying to spread a rumor that Pete Davidson has AIDS. I’m telling you this is a fact. I’ve heard this from eight people. He’s telling everybody! I’m telling you, this is a fact. Bruh, if you gotta spread a rumor that the n—a f–kin’ your wife got AIDS, you burnt out, bro. Wrap it up. It’s over.”

[From Page Six]

It’s so childish, so immature, so nasty, so disgusting and so believable that Kanye would think that he was being so slick. I totally believe the little wheels in Kanye’s head were chugging away at this: “I’ll tell everybody that Pete has AIDS!” It’s 2022. That sh-t is pathetic, damaging and Kanye deserves to be massively called out.

Incidentally, Page Six had a follow-up from Team Kardashian, in which sources said that Kim and Pete are “really happy” together and “Kim truly wants Kanye to be at peace with their marriage being over and find happiness, whether it’s with Julia [Fox] or someone else, so they can focus on raising their children together in a more positive way.” Another source told Page Six that while Kanye believes that spreading rumors about Pete will convince Kim to run back to him, he’s actually bringing Kim and Pete closer together. Which I believe, and I’m now kind of convinced that Kim is with Pete because he’s the Anti-Kanye. Kim can just be chill and go to movies with Pete or go mall-shopping (lol) and not have to listen to MAGA tantrum-rants and that must be so relaxing for her after years of dealing with Kanye’s bulls–t.

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