Kate Garraway says success is ‘bittersweet’ as ‘biggest supporter’ Derek is unwell

While she gears up to interview a host of famous guests as the new host of Life Stories and has plans for a new documentary, 2022 is proving to be a super successful year for ITV presenter Kate Garraway.

And while the star is pleased her hard work is paying off, a source tells OK! that the success is "bittersweet" for the star, as her "biggest supporter" – her husband Derek – isn't well enough to "fully see it."

Kate, 54, who shares two children with husband Derek, has been open about her family's struggle since her husband of 17 years went into hospital with complications from Covid-19 back in the spring of 2020.

The star created an award winning documentary – Finding Derek – that tracked her family's journey as they came to terms with Derek's battle and what it meant for their family in the long-term.

Now, Kate is set to step up her career with a new hosting gig, as she takes over from Piers Morgan as the star of Life Stories.

And according to OK!'s source, it's a "bittersweet" time.

They explain: "Kate works so hard, has been through so much and is so loved.

"She is the sole breadwinner for the house now. She knows she should be so happy all of this is happening for her but she's just not."

OK!'s source adds: "She can't believe she's in the position she's in work wise but it's so sad Derek's not well enough to fully see it because he is her biggest supporter. It’s bittersweet."

The Good Morning Britain presenter was celebrated in the New Year's Honours list, being presented with an MBE.

And earlier this month, the star gave an update on her husband's health. She said he is “phenomenally fatigued at the moment” and "very weak."

The star gave an insight into a family day out to the pantomime recently as she explained it had left Derek – who is back at home but requires 24 hour care – extremely tired.

She added: "But he thought it was worth it. It was a special thing to be sitting there with the children, holding their hands, doing something normal, but it took everything out of him."

She continued: "But he’s there looking smiley, present. The speech isn’t there but I think you can see that he’s aware that something special is happening."

Derek was taken into hospital in March 2020 and placed into a medically induced coma after contracting coronavirus. Kate described the virus as having "devastated" her husband's health, but he was finally allowed home in April 2021.

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