Kendall Jenner Wore the Same Dress as Selena Gomez and Started Twitter Drama

We're long past the days of "who wore it better?" columns, but Kendall Jenner wearing the same dress as Selena Gomez has erupted some light drama nonetheless, thanks to a tweet from Jenner that some fans construed as shade towards the singer.

It all started with an innocuous pink floral Rodarte dress that Gomez wore in the "De Una Vez" music video, and that Jenner wore for the Easter holiday last weekend.

Whether Jenner was inspired by Gomez's look or simply wore a dress she liked (that happened to have been worn by someone else) wouldn't have been any cause for spectacle, except that the tequila artiste ruffled some feathers by quote-tweeting one of her fan accounts' tweets comparing her and Gomez.

In a since-deleted tweet, she retweeted an account that posted a photo of Gomez in the dress alongside of her in the dress. "kendall jenner pulling off this dress better than anyone else," the account wrote.

For her part, Jenner didn't mention Gomez at all, simply writing, "had to take it home from set."

Still, that didn't sit well with Gomez fans — which you can probably surmise from the fact that she deleted the tweet. In fact, Gomez's official fan club retweeted photos of Jenner in the dress, calling on every to stream the singer's album, Revelación.

At least Rodarte comes away a winner in all of this.

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