Khalid’s Mother Reveals Singer Is Recovering From Injuries After Car Accident

Also sharing the news of the singer’s accident is fellow artist Ed Sheeran, who says that the ‘Location’ hitmaker is currently ‘recovering’ and hopes that he ‘gets well soon.’

AceShowbizKhalid‘s mother Linda Wolfe has revealed his condition after he was involved in a car accident in the fourth week of June. The mother of the “Young Dumb & Broke” singer said that he is recovering from the injuries he suffered in the crash.

Shortly after the incident, Linda told ABC7 that the 25-year-old singer did suffer minor injuries from the recent car accident. Noting that her son did not sustain any significant injuries, she said that he is expected to be able to return on tour soon.

On how the accident happened, the “Location” singer’s mom explained that he found his car overheated and had to park it on the side of the road. While waiting, he moved to the passenger seat. At that moment, another vehicle suddenly hit the driver’s side of his vehicle.

According to Linda, her son Khalid had bruises and abrasions on his body and had to be rushed to a hospital as a precaution. She said, “He was taken to the hospital to heal.”

The tour that her son was expected to perform is Ed Sheeran‘s “Mathematics Tour”. Khalid is said to be set to perform with Ed on Saturday, July 1 in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

The news of the car accident that Khalid was involved in was also revealed by Ed to his concertgoers on Saturday, June 24. At that time, Ed announced on stage at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland, “Khalid was in a car accident this week, he’s recovering and we wish him the best.”

At one point during his show, Ed did not forget to express his well wishes for Khalid. He stated, “I just want to say, before I introduce this next song, that I really hope Khalid gets well soon and that hell be joining us in Boston.”

Due to Khalid’s absence to be the opener on Ed’s tour, the latter had to open the tour for himself. The “Castle on the Hill” singer went on to say to the crowd, “And I’m going to say this after every song because if people don’t know I was going to be the opening act today people are going to walk up to me today like, ‘This show isn’t what I thought it was. I thought there’d be more fireworks.’ But here we are.”

About his thoughts on opening for himself, Ed said, “Usually when I start playing, it’s like pitch-black and now I get to see everyone. It’s awesome. This is pretty fun.” He added, “I kind of feel like when you are the main act, there’s a bunch of pressure because people have paid to see you but I feel like when you’re the opening act you’re sort of like, ‘Let’s have fun. Let’s play songs.’ “

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