Kim Kardashian Says Kanye Told Her Career Was 'Over' After She Styled Herself

Kanye West isn’t confident Kim Kardashian can continue to be one of the leading figures in fashion — at least not without his help — as she explains in a new episode of the family’s Hulu show.

Thursday’s “The Kardashians” gives fans a look back at Kim’s appearance at the WSJ’s 2021 Innovator Awards, where Kim was honored. It happened back in November, but what many didn’t realize — it was the first time in a LONG time Kim styled herself without Kanye’s help.

According to Kim, Kanye wasn’t impressed with her choice — a brown, form-fitting leather dress — saying she looked like Marge Simpson and that her career was “over.”

Leading up to the event, Kim revealed she was nervous about her upcoming choices, so safe to say Kanye’s alleged criticism didn’t help.

Not only that, Kim also talked about something Kanye made very clear — he was pissed about her ‘SNL’ monologue — especially the fact she said she “divorced” him. At the time, Ye hadn’t signed the divorce docs, so he felt it was wrong she said things were over.

As you know, a judge eventually declared Kim legally single, signing a document in March.

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