Kristin Davis Breaks Down Crying Remembering Willie Garson: 'I Wish He Was Here'

Kristin Davis is missing her Sex and the City co-star, Willie Garson, deeply these days!

The actress appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night to chat all things And Just Like That…, which hits HBO Max on Thursday. Alongside her co-star Cynthia Nixon, the duo couldn’t help gush about the exciting new series, though things got very emotional when the conversation turned toward remembering their dear friend Garson. As fans likely remember, the actor passed away earlier this year following a secret battle with pancreatic cancer while filming the SATC reboot. He was 57.

Davis first noted that she’ll always remember Willie as “full of joy, and so incredibly brilliant and smart.” Even despite his health issues, the cast and crew remained unaware of his struggles until “things got bad enough that we were informed,” according to Nixon, who added:

“We’re also very grateful that we had a few days with him knowing that he was sick, and we could talk to him about it and he could talk to us about it. And that was a really important thing for all of us.”

Getting that closure can really make such a big difference while mourning. We’re glad some of the performers got a chance to say a proper goodbye.

Davis, who was holding tight to his hand throughout the difficult conversation, then tearfully shared:

“But it’s hard. I wish he was here, you know?”

Oof. Don’t we all.

Watch the stars pay tribute to Willie in full (below).

Losing a friend is so, so challenging. Our hearts go out to all Willie’s loved ones in this tough time, especially in this first holiday season without him.

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