Kylie Jenner turns up the heat in a smoking Instagram snap

Kylie Jenner turns up the heat as she wears a flowing camouflage top… before spending quality time with her daughter Stormi

Kylie Jenner flaunted her toned and tightened form in a trio of smoking photos that were shared to her Instagram account on Saturday.

The 23-year-old social media powerhouse was pictured posing on the passenger side of a car while striking a few poses for her nearly 250 million followers to admire.

Prior to sharing the smoking snaps, the entrepreneur posted several videos of herself spending time with her young daughter Stormi, aged three, to her Instagram Story. 

Stylish star: Kylie Jenner was seen showing off her sculpted form in a trio of photos that were shared to her Instagram account on Saturday

Jenner was dressed in a strapless light blue-green camouflage top that featured a flowing top, and at one point, she pulled the lower section away from her to expose part of her sculpted midsection.

The cosmetics mogul paired her top with a matching set of high-waisted pants that covered up her curvy hips.

The reality television personality accessorized with a single silver bracelet and a pair of earrings while her striking brunette hair cascaded onto her shoulders and backside.

She also added a short message in the post’s caption that read: ‘it’s the weekend.’ 

Eye-catching ensemble: The reality television personality wore a light blue-green camouflage top and a matching bottom

Special moments: Prior to sharing the snaps, Jenner posted multiple videos featuring her daughter Stormi to her Instagram account

Before she shared the trio of shots, Jenner shared several videos of Stormi to her Story, the first of which showed her daughter singing Blackbird by The Beatles.

The businesswoman congratulated her kid after she finished performing and commented that her version of the song was ‘beautiful.’

The following morning, the mother-daughter duo headed to an outdoor garden, where they remarked that a fresh strawberry looked ‘yummy.’

Jenner and Stormi then took a look at a Persian cucumber plant, in which the designer’s child appeared to be interested.

Fresh air: Jenner also shared a clip of the mother-daughter duo checking on their fresh strawberries and Persian cucumbers

Jenner then shared a video of Stormi running and laughing in a spacious yard while enjoying the pleasant summertime climate.

The social media personality added a short text graphic to the bottom of the video that read: ‘my baby is growing too fast i can’t handle it.’

In another clip, the child was seen standing in front of a doorway and turned towards the outside when her mother told her that she loved her.

Stormi blew several kisses to the camera in the next video, and the reality television figure asked if all of her love was for her ‘dada.’

Time flies by: The social media powerhouse added a text graphic to the bottom of one of her clips where she expressed that her child was ‘growing too fast’

Daddy’s girl: In another video, Jenner asked her only child if she had any love for her ‘dada,’ Travis Scott

Jenner’s final set of clips featured her brushing her luscious locks around for her fans to see.

The entrepreneur shares her daughter with her on-again-off-again partner, Travis Scott, to whom she was first linked in 2017 after they were seen holding hands at that year’s Coachella festival.

Prior to becoming involved with the 30-year-old rapper, she dated fellow musician Tyga for several years, although they separated before she started seeing the Texas native.

The two tried to keep things toned down over the next year, although they were later spotted together in public several times and eventually became more open about their relationship.

Picturesque couple: The two were first linked after they were spotted getting close at the 2017 Coachella Festival; they are seen in 2019

Rumors about pregnancy and a potential engagement swirled for the two, although they always shut any questions down during interviews.

In February of 2018, Jenner gave birth to Stormi and named Scott as the father, and they went on to enjoy their newfound parenthood over the next months.

The following October, reports emerged that the two had taken time off from their relationship, and the reality television figure later confirmed that they had split up, although they were primarily focused on the well-being of their daughter.

Starting a family: In 2018, Jenner gave birth to Stormi and the two enjoyed parenthood for an extended period of time; she is seen with Scott and her daughter in June

Last March, several outlets claimed that the pair had reunited, which neither of the parents confirmed, although they did spend a considerable amount of time together during the early stages of the pandemic.

This past May, Scott flew to Miami to celebrate Jenner’s birthday, sparking rumors about a potential reconciliation between the two.

Last month, the parents attended an official event together and were pictured holding each other closely on the red carpet before the rapper expressed his love for both his daughter and her mother during a speech.

Neither of the two has officially confirmed that they have reconciled to date.

Back at it: The two have been spotted in each other’s company several times over the past few months, sparking rumors about a possible reconciliation having occurred

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