Lana Del Rey Defends Herself & Her Quotes About Trump: ‘This Is My Story’ – Watch (Video)

Lana Del Rey is defending herself.

The 35-year-old “Lust for Life” singer-songwriter issued a video statement on Tuesday (January 12) following a slew of headlines regarding her interview with BBC Radio 1, during which she addressed Donald Trump and the U.S. Capitol riot, suggesting that Trump is so deeply lacking in empathy, he might be unaware that he incited the rot.

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During the video, she spoke about her opinion about Trump‘s lack of empathy, as well as her own upbringing, as well as misperceptions about her politics.

“I really don’t appreciate being painted as some white Republican who’s always been given everything and supports the incite of the Capitol riot. I grew up struggling, working my ass off, we had nothing, period,” she explained.

“I personally don’t get it. I just think sometimes because of the way I look, it’s easy to paint this picture, but man, did I struggle to become the genuine singer-songwriter I am,” she said.

“People do not last a long time in my workplace…it’s fun to tear people down, but it really discourages them from moving onto their next project,” she added.

“This is my story, I’m telling it…I’m the wrong person to come for when it comes to not being inclusive or liberal. Not that I ever focused on either one. I always just focused on the music, but if people want to make it political, I’m down, but listen to the entirety of the 40-minute interview. So…I don’t want to have to focus on this, but it is what it is. I’d love to get the point one day where we just talk about the music, but until that day, I want you to know my story.”

“Talk about it. Get it out of your system. And then GFYS,” she captioned the post. She also clarified her comments earlier in the day, calling out some outlets in particular.

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