Lisa Hochstein pictured for the FIRST TIME since ugly split with Lenny

EXCLUSIVE: Lisa Hochstein shows off her killer curves as she’s pictured for FIRST TIME since ugly split with ‘boob god’ hubby Lenny, 55, who has moved on with Austrian model Katharina, 26

  • Lisa Hochstein was spotted Wednesday after Lenny announced their split
  • The 39-year-old beauty looked stunning in a lilac ensemble out with pals  
  • Her ex Lenny – dubbed ‘boob god’ – has already moved on from the marriage
  • The 55-year-old is now dating 26-year-old Austrian model Katharina Mazepa
  • RHOM star Lisa said she’s been ‘blindsided’ by his ‘reckless’ behavior 
  • Lisa boasted in March that her marriage to Lenny was a ‘success story’ 

She may have been ‘blindsided’ by the divorce – but Lisa Hochstein isn’t letting the drama get her down.

On Wednesday, the Real Housewives of Miami star was pictured for the first time since her husband Lenny Hochstein announced they have split after 12 years of marriage, amid his new romance with Austrian model Katharina Mazepa.

Plastic surgeon Lenny, 55, dubbed ‘boob god’ has denied this his relationship with Katharina, 26, had anything to do with his marriage breakdown to Lisa, 39.

Putting her best foot forward, Lisa looked stunning as she was pictured out this week in Miami, showing off her slim figure in a lilac Gucci ensemble and purple Chanel purse.

What divorce drama? Lisa Hochstein pictured for FIRST TIME since ugly split with her ‘boob god’ plastic surgeon hubby Lenny, 55, who has moved on with Austrian model Katharina, 26

The reality star was seen smiling as she walked around town with a male friend.

She was also seen being filmed by a camera crew, presumable for the next season of RHOM, which will no doubt be packed with drama including Lisa’s latest heartbreak.

Earlier this week, Katharina also denied reports she had anything to do with the split, after it was reported that she had ‘liked’ a social media post of Lenny’s from years ago.

And despite Lisa claiming she was ‘blindsided’ by Lenny’s ‘reckless behavior’ reports of red flags in their marriage have been rife for years.

On the surface the couple had been keeping up appearances, living together on a newly-constructed property on Miami’s ultra-exclusive Star Island, with the palatial property boasting nine bedrooms, a gigantic infinity pool and a huge closet Lisa dubbed her ‘woman cave.’

The Canadian-born beauty even boasted about the benefits of being married to a plastic surgeon and having easy access to treatments, once declaring: ‘My husband built the perfect wife!’

But behind the glossy façade, the couple were struggling to paper over the cracks in their almost 13-year-marriage – as they battled fertility struggles, an emotional affair, and Lisa’s ‘addiction’ to getting work done. 

The couple married in 2009 and now share two children together; a son, Logan, six, and daughter, Elle, two, both born via surrogate. Though it was their fertility issues that showed the first sign of trouble in their relationship. 

Sashay away: Lisa is now moving on her from her 12-year marriage to ‘boob god’ Lenny 

Support system: It looked as though Lisa had a good team around her just days after the split news 

After joining RHOM’s second season in 2012, viewers began to see Lisa opening up about the hardships she and Lenny faced, as she compared their life to a ‘nightmare’ after suffering three miscarriages and four failed attempts at IVF.

Just three years after getting married, Lisa admitted on the show that she worried her not being able to have children had put a strain on their relationship. 

It recently emerged that a year later in 2013, the pair nearly split up for good when Lisa found out that Lenny had an ’emotional affair’ with a woman during a brief separation, as their reality show went off the air and stopped filming. 

Toned: The RHOM star showed off her pert derriere as she was seen out shopping

Coming through: The star was seen being filmed while out in Miami, presumable for the next series of RHOM

Talking it out: Lisa was seen having lunch with Larsa Pippen as they filmed scenes for RHOM

Reality star: The Real Housewives of Miami’s Larsa Pippen was also pictured for filming

‘We were already separated. We were going through a difficult time trying to have children. It wasn’t happening,’ she said this year on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

‘So we were separating just because we were having a really hard time, you know, conceiving a child. So then he strayed. And I found out because I was very crafty, and I have all of his passwords, you know? And so, I saw some things. But we were separated, so yeah, that’s how I found out.’

But it wasn’t just their fertility struggles that caused issues between them. 

Glamorous: The mother-of-four completed her chic ensemble with a stunning diamond necklace and a black purse with a silver chain

Long time coming: Her and Pippen’s divorce wasn’t finalized until December 15, 2021

Proud mom: The couple share Sophia, 13, Justin, 17, Preston, 20, and 21-year-old Scotty Pippen Jr., who followed his dad’s footsteps and is pursuing a basketball career

Recently, Lisa admitted that she had an ‘addiction’ to plastic surgery – specifically facial fillers – which proved troublesome when married to a plastic surgeon. 

‘I definitely had an addiction,’ she told Andy Cohen this year. ‘And watching the show, I saw it and I was horrified.’ 

The TV personality confessed that since she was married to a professional, it made getting injectables so easy, she got carried away. 

Inside Lisa and Lenny Hochstein’s doomed marriage before he dumped her for younger model (the pair pictured above at their nine-bedroom Miami mansion on Star Island last October)  

He moves on quick: After initially hesitating in revealing the divorce news to Page Six, Lenny had no hesitation in revealing that he was dating the 26-year-old Austrian model

After a year of renovation work, the Hochensteins had finally been settling into their 20,000-square-foot-home. It has nine bedrooms, a living room, backyard and gigantic pool

She admitted: ‘I can do whatever I want, so I did and it was a huge mistake.’ 

On her Instagram page, Lisa once wrote: ‘My husband built the perfect wife!’

Though it seemed as though the pair had patched things up by 2015, and after their fertility struggles, they welcomed their son Logan via a surrogate, with Lisa calling him their ‘miracle baby.’ 

In a statement at the time, Lisa hinted that their son had brought a great deal of happiness back into their marriage.

‘[Lenny is] great. There’s like always a constant huge smile on his face. He can’t wait to get home and see his little guy,’ she told Bravo.

Lenny and Lisa then welcomed their second child, a daughter Elle, in 2019 – again through surrogacy – and it appeared as though the married couple had truly overcome their biggest challenge.

However, when the reality series RHOM was brought back for a fourth season in 2021, Lenny and Lisa’s marriage issues became a talking point once again, as she revealed they almost got a divorce when they had their brief separation back in 2013. 

Moving on: On Monday, Lenny’s estranged wife Lisa said she was ‘blindsided’ by his decision to publicly announce that they are divorcing, after 12 years and two children together – as well as the plastic surgeon ‘boob god’s’ admission that he is already dating the model

Struggles: Lisa has admitted that their marriage became a ‘nightmare’ when struggling to conceive (Pictured; 2018)

Family first: Lenny – who shares two children with Lisa, six-year-old son Logan and two-year-old daughter Elle (pictured together) – revealed the couple has ‘contemplated divorce for the last several years’

‘We almost got a divorce, and it was devastating. During this separation, Lenny had this emotional affair with some $2 h*e,’ Lisa said last December, and claimed that Lenny had come ‘groveling back’ to her, and that ‘it was the best decision of his life.’

Shockingly, in light of their current split, Lisa was full of confidence in their marriage when she spoke candidly to UsWeekly only in March this year.

‘I definitely feel like we are a success story,’ Lisa told the outlet. ‘Because we decided to work through our issues and we didn’t wanna give up and thank God we did because we have our two children that I couldn’t imagine life without.’

‘I’m happy. And I hope that other people can be inspired by that and not give up so easily because I feel like we live in a world where people give up way too easily. Divorce is, you know, like, an option [but] it shouldn’t be an option, like, unless something really horrible is happening.’

No issues here: Lenny Hochstein’s, 55, new 26-year-old girlfriend Katharina Mazepa (pictured) is ‘proud’ to be with him despite the near 30 year age gap and fact that he’s still married 

Despite Lisa’s positivity, behind-the-scenes trouble was brewing as earlier this month, when Larsa Pippen reportedly confronted Lenny and Austrian model Katharina at club, though Lenny denied that there was anything going on. 

Alas, after Lisa was said to be ‘blindsided’ by the split and his ‘reckless’ behavior – Lenny would end up confirming it all, including his new relationship with Katharina, in a statement. 

‘Lisa and I have contemplated divorce for the last several years,’ he claimed in a statement.

‘I tried my best to avoid it for the sake of our children who we love deeply. We have been living separate lives for months and made the decision to divorce last month.’

Speaking out: Katharina insisted she was ‘not the reason for their breakup’ and shut down Lisa’s claims she was ‘blindsided’ by the split

‘It was after the decision was made that I started seeing Katharina. This is something that Lisa was well aware of before it happened.’ 

Speaking with Page Six in an article published Wednesday, Katharina insisted she was ‘not the reason for their breakup’ and shut down Lisa’s claims she was ‘blindsided’ by the split. 

‘The reality is that both Lenny and I have been separated from our spouses for a while and are both going through divorces. I was informed Lisa was fully aware that he was going out with me,’ she told Page Six.

But Lisa struck down her claims in comments made to Page Six where she alleged her estranged husband had been lying to both of them and reiterated she didn’t see the divorce announcement coming.  

‘Since finding out just two weeks ago, my priority remains the same – our children. As a mother, their happiness, safety and protection from all of this remain my ultimate priority,’ Lisa told Page Six.

‘Unfortunately, this is a case of a man lying to two women at the same time,’ she said.

She also hinted Lenny’s new girlfriend was using him to ‘get ahead in life.’

‘I don’t blame [Katharina] for what’s happening, we all choose different paths to get ahead in life,’ she said. ‘I feel blindsided by a man I’ve dedicated my life to.’

Lenny also denied Lisa’s claims of being ‘blindsided’ by the split and alleged they were already sleeping in separate bedrooms.   

‘She was not blindsided and we were sleeping in separate bedrooms,’ he said in an email to Page Six on Thursday.

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