Love Island’s Faye Winter says she would ‘look 60’ without Botox

Love Island’s Faye Winter has said that she would look like a “60-year-old woman” if she didn’t have Botox.

The reality TV star was the special guest on the Pretty Little Thing: Behind Closed Doors podcast, Faye Winter's Christmas Special.

The popular Love Island contestant, 26, talked to the Radio 1 presenter Natalie O'Leary about what she learned in the villa and how life has changed since her massive year in the public eye.

The star, who recently moved in with fellow Love Island star and boyfriend Teddy Soares, revealed to the podcast: "We’re all trying to live in our little, like, holes and just wanna be in our relationships whilst trying to do the new jobs and it’s just madness."

Faye continued: "And people question why I get Botox! That is it – the stress. I mean, I would look like a 60-year-old woman!"

Faye is no stranger to inventive ways to amend how she looks and once the star used a vibrator on her forehead to "get the muscles moving".

The Devon star previously recalled to Fabulous about a time when her face had "completely dropped" on both sides after botched Botox.

She said: "Everyone kept saying to me, 'put the back of an electric toothbrush on your forehead to try and get the muscle moving' – so I was walking around buzzing all over the place."

She continued: "I was going up to London and it’s a three-hour drive. I had my car in cruise control so I could just hold the toothbrush on my eyebrow."

Faye then had a lightbulb moment and decided to opt for a more stimulating replacement for her toothbrush.

The property influencer revealed to the publication: "Then I realised the toothbrushes were in the back of my car, so I was rummaging around my handbag and I found a vibrator and I thought, that’ll do. So I shoved it on and was driving along with a dildo on my head."

The star recently hit back at critics of her appearance, as she opened up to OK! about the backlash of the brown lipstick she wore in the Love Island villa this summer.

Speaking exclusively told us: “I still wear the brown lips, it’s so funny. In the villa they did not look that dark as they did on TV.

“Even now people say to me: ‘What’s happened to the brown lips?’ and I say: ‘I’m wearing them!’ So I don’t know how it looked so different on TV.

“I’ll have to put it down to the fact I didn’t have long to get ready! I still do the brown lips, I love them.”

And as for what she thought about those who were less than impressed with the look, she adds: “I’d rather be spoken about than not! I’m going to go down for the epic brown lips, and I’d rather go down for that than anything else!”

“There were so many people messaging me saying: ‘I love it’ and then obviously there’s the people who had their opinions on it! I wasn’t put on this earth to please people so whatever.”

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