Love Island’s Olivia Hawkins gives her predictions for the show finalists

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Love Island's Olivia Hawkins has given her predictions for the four couples who will make it to the final of the hit ITV2 show.

The show is due to end on Monday, 31 July, and the couples are vying to be crowned the winners – and take home the £50,000 prize money.

OK!'s resident Love Island columnist Olivia, 28, who appeared on the winter show earlier this year, has narrowed down who she thinks will make it to the final – from the deserving winners to the one she thinks has long been in the running to win.

She tells us: "I think Ella and Tyrique, Sammy and Jess, and Whitney and Lochan will be the three finalists, with Molly and Zach being the fourth couple.

"I think Molly and Zach deserve to be there, but it all depends on the public, and Molly hasn't always ad the best reaction from them."

Going on to give her prediction for the winners, Liv says that Whitney an Lochan will be the ones, due to Whitney being so popular with the public.

Meanwhile, Olivia gave her take on the recent argument between Ella T and Whitney, after the latter told the former that she is "the most selfish person I've ever met."

Speaking in her latest column for OK!, Olivia said: "Whitney's comment to Ella T about her being selfish was really mean – it's put me off Whitney a little, and I feel like she has jeopardised herself.

"I think Ella was right about Whitney being mad that she and Tyrique said that Whitney and Lochan were the most smug couple, but Whitney would never admit it.

:Her words to Ella were harsh. My friends would never speak to me like that and I wouldn't speak to then like that. I don't think I could forgive Whitney if she said that to me."

Olivia also questioned if Tyrique does love Ella as much as he says he does, after saying the three big words to Ella this week.

She said: "I don't buy that Tyrique really loves Ella T, or at least not to the extent that he says he does. Maybe I am wrong, but we will see if they last on the outside."

Olivia continued: "Having said that, I've really enjoyed watching Tyrique's journey in the villa, and how he's changed. It's nice to see that playboy figure break down his barriers and open himself up."

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