Lucy Watson says she’s keeping surname as changing it after marriage is ‘outdated’

Lucy Watson has revealed that she hasn’t changed her surname after getting married.

The Made In Chelsea star, 30, married her long-term partner James Dunmore, 32, in September 2021, revealing the news to fans on Instagram via a black-and-white wedding photo of the couple after their ceremony in Greece.

However, at the time, the star did not share whether she would be keeping her name or taking her husband’s surname after becoming husband and wife.

Now, Lucy has revealed she kept her own surname, explaining that she feels it’s “a little outdated” for women to change their names after marriage.

During a fan Q&A on Instagram, one follower asked: “Have you changed your last name to Dunmore?”, to which Lucy replied: “No, we’re both keeping our own surnames”.

Expanding on her reasoning behind the choice in a following slide, Lucy explained: “I personally feel it’s a little outdated for women to change their names when they marry.

"It used to be the law that women had to take their husbands name because they were seen as ‘possessions’. It is no longer the law and not a tradition I care for.”

The star added: “I think times are changing and perhaps a time will come when women aren’t ‘expected’ to change their names simply because they are a woman.

"Equally I don’t judge women/men who do change their names!

“I just love being Lucy Watson 🙂 and I thank all the women who made it possible for me to have a choice in the matter.”

Lucy and James started dating in 2015 and got engaged in 2020, before finally tying the knot on 12 September last year.

The couple had kept their exact wedding plans quiet in the run up to the big day, however before they confirmed they’d gotten married, Lucy did drop some hints on social media.

During their time in Greece, she and James went for a hike, with Lucy snapping a pic of him and captioning the snap: “With husby.”

Another one of Lucy’s snaps saw her and James enjoying a dinner as he sat with a menu in front on him, where a gold ring can be seen on his wedding finger.

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