MAFS UK: Morag Crichton recognised from another dating show by viewers

‘She’s done all the dating shows!’ Married At First Sight UK fans unearth Morag Crichton’s stint on Take Me Out – after fans slammed her ‘rude’ behaviour in wedding scenes

She was unable to hide her disappointment when she met her groom Luke Dawson at the alter during Tuesday’s episode of Married At First Sight UK.

And it seems the path to finding true love has been a bumpy one for Morag Crichton.

Eagle-eyed viewers were quick to recognise the veterinary nurse, 31, from another dating show – the 2018 series of Take Me Out.

Reality regular: Eagle-eyed Married At First Sight UK viewers regonised Morag Crichton, 31, from dating show Take Me Out in 2018

The reality contestant appeared on Paddy McGuinness’ ITV show three years ago but it seems she didn’t find lasting love on the series.

Taking to Twitter after seeing her on Married At First Sight UK on Tuesday evening, one person wrote: ‘Morag signing up for all the dating shows. She was on “Take Me Out” too.’

‘I’m sure I’ve seen Morag on Take Me Out?’, wrote another viewer.

Blushing bride: Morag is attempting to find love again on the current series of Married At First Sight UK, making her debut on the show on Tuesday

Familar face: MAFS viewers immediately took to Twitter after recognising Morag from 2018’s Take Me Out

Take her out: Morag hoped to find her special man on Paddy McGuinness’ show Take Me Out three years ago, but came away with nothing

Another audience member posted: ‘Does anyone else recognise Morag from Take Me Out circa 2018?’

While someone else shared: ‘Knew I seen her somewhere else before!’

Morag was blasted as ‘rude’ by viewers after she complained she ‘didn’t get what she ordered’ with her husband Luke, 36, during Tuesday’s show.

Fury: It comes after Morag was slammed by viewers for complaining she ‘didn’t get what she ordered’ with her new husband Luke 

The couple got off to a rocky start as Morag confessed she wasn’t ‘jumping for joy’, before telling her groom she was ‘bored’ at the wedding breakfast. 

Many of those watching the programme were left shocked when Morag said Luke ‘wasn’t what she ordered’, with one commenting: ‘Morag is actually rude. Your usual type ain’t worked so maybe get give him a chance.’

Appearing on the programme, Morag described herself as ‘the life and soul of the party’ and admitted: ‘I always think because I have a big personality, I have to find someone with an equally big personality.

Failed union: Morag was was matched with children’s home manager Luke, 36, who said his biggest concern about the process was that his partner wouldn’t find him physically attractive

Awkward! The couple did not look comfortable alongside one another after Morag made her feeling clear

‘I like someone who is rugged and manly and has hair on his chest.’

Ahead of the wedding she said she was ‘excited and nervous’, but appeared to confess she was a handful, saying: ‘Good luck to him.’

Meanwhile the experts said she had dated ‘all the badboys’ in the past but suggested they should try to help her break the pattern.  

She was matched with children’s home manager Luke, who said his biggest concern about the process was that his partner wouldn’t find him physically attractive.

Fuming: Many of those watching branded Morag ‘rude’ for her comments after she married Luke on the show 

He said: ‘My last relationship, I thought it was the one fortever. When that ended, that broke me. I struggled with my self esteem.’

He added: ‘I’m no Brad Pitt, I get that…but I’m a catch to someone.’ 

As the morning of the couple’s wedding approached, both the bride and groom confessed they were feeling nervous.  

Luke admitted: ‘I’m panicking now. What if I don’t know what to do? I’m bricking it, I can’t help it. This is nuts.’ 

He went on to say he was ‘so excited’ to meet his bride and see if she is the one, adding: ‘I feel like this is my last shot at finding what I want in life. This is what I’ve been waiting for for a long time.’  

Meanwhile Morag said she ‘desperately’ wanted the marriage to work, saying: ‘Please let him be fit.’

She added: ‘If I don’t fancy him, I’m going to be really disappointed.’ 

Wedded bliss? As the couple met at the altar, Morag confessed that she wasn’t ‘exactly jumping for joy’ because Luke ‘wasn’t her usual type’ 

However as the bride walked down the aisle, she appeared immediately disappointed.

Speaking to the camera, she said: ‘He wouldn’t be my typical guy I would go for so I’m not exactly jumping for joy. When I first saw him, I was taken aback.’ 

‘I can’t say I want to rip his clothes off tonight. I didn’t exactly get what I ordered.’ 

She went on to take a swig from her hip flask, confessing she ‘needed a drink’ 

Meanwhile Luke seemed smitten with his bride, saying she was ‘gorgeous’ and telling her during the vows that he was ‘all in.’ 

Sorry! During the wedding breakfast, Luke ended up apologising to Morag after she told him she was ‘bored’ 

He said: ‘First impressions were big personality. But when she got emotional in the vows, I thought she’s here for the right reasons.’ 

At the wedding breakfast, she told Luke she was ‘bored’, before telling him she had asked for ‘someone sporty and athletic.’ 

She added: ‘I don’t know, I need to learn more about him.’

Meanwhile the conversation moved onto children, with Morag stating she didn’t want children ‘at all’. 

Luke added: ‘I want a family, I want children.’  

Optimistic: As the evening came to an end, Morag continued to complain that Luke ‘wasn’t the big athletic, hairy man’ she had hoped for, but said she was ‘willing to give it a chance’ 

Morag told the camera: ‘I wanted big, athletic, hairy man but I’m willing to give it a chance.’

Many of those watching were left shocked by Morag’s harsh words about her groom, saying: ‘Morag is rude. Simple as. She should be ashamed.’

Another commented: ‘Luke isn’t what she ordered? Someone please let Morag know groom catalogues don’t exist.’

A third wrote: ‘What is it with Morag talking about getting what you ordered…this guy is a human being you know.’ 

First dance: Morag and Luke appeared happy as they had their first dance together but Morag said she was ‘bored’ at breakfast the day after the wedding

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