Meghan Markle squats in public and swigs baby milk in new Ellen prank video

Meghan Markle had viewers of The Ellen Show in stitches after she threw herself into a prank that the show's host had set-up for her.

The Duchess of Sussex, 40, showed off her funny side as she wore an earpiece whilst out in public, acting out all of the hilarious things Ellen DeGeneres told her to do.

The former senior member of the British Royal Family was a world away from her conservative and reserved life here in the UK as she squatted in public during the skit.

Meghan claimed she had "healing powers" to an unsuspecting member of the public, and even sipped milk from a baby bottle during the bizarre prank.

The new episode – which aired on November 18 – shows the former Suits actress get back into her acting as she did a number of unusual things at the request of her close pal Ellen.

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The show's host sent the royal out shopping with one of her writers called Alison, who she instructed to call herself 'Pwama'.

Ellen explained that: "I sent Meghan out to do some shopping, she wore an earpiece and I told her what to say and do, and she had to do everything I told her to do.

And I went one of my writers who I named Pwama, I decided to name her Pwama, anyway I sent Meghan out with a purse and she had no idea what was in it."

Ellen was then heard asking Meghan to touch her elbow if she could hear her through the earpiece, which she did.

She then carried on, joking: "Touch your nose if you can hear me", which Meghan did, before then asking the Duchess to: "do a squat if you can hear me".

Viewers did not expect to see the star oblige, but she popped out an impressively low squat – in heels – which had viewers in stitches.

Fans of the show headed to Twitter to speak about the moment.

"It's been a while since I laughed so hard pretty much for this long," said one user, adding that: "The moment #MeghanMarkle did the squat I knew it was game on".

Another wrote: "The ease with which my girl pulled of the squat in heels, weuw!! You can tell she is a yogi par exellence. #MeghanMarkle".

After the squat, Meghan was then told to say and do a number of hilarious things, such as repeatedly say "It's a lovely, lovely day" to random members of the public.

Onlookers were in awe as the star acted strangely whilst visiting a stall, even telling one stall owner that "I haven't been shopping in a while and I love it and I miss it".

Ellen told her to continue saying: "I love it I love it I love it", as she looked at some crystals the stall owner had for sale.

The former actress then ran her hands over the items which were on-sale, exclaiming: "Oooh good energy, good energy, good energy, I have healing powers".

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She also held a crystal to her head whilst chanting in the prank, before placing down the crystal and starting to look at hot sauces which were also on sale.

She was told to say a number of shocking phrases such as "mumma loves hot sauce", and "mumma wants some heat", before trying the different flavours.

The star then pulled out a baby bottle from her bag, filled with milk, and went on to drink it.

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