Melissa Benoist Confirms Mehcad Brooks’ Return For ‘Supergirl’ Series Finale!

It’s for sure happening – Mehcad Brooks, aka James Olsen, aka Guardian, WILL in fact be back for the upcoming Supergirl finale!

Star Melissa Benoist confirmed the news that fans had already suspected in a new interview.

Also returning for the finale are her real life hubby Chris Wood and Jeremy Jordan, as Mon-El and Winn Schott, respectively. They were first seen on set earlier this month, filming what appears to be a funeral scene.

See what Melissa said…

“It would not have felt right if they hadn’t come back,” Melissa told Entertainment Weekly. “I loved seeing my friends. [Laughs] I loved seeing Mehcad Brooks. I loved seeing Jeremy. I loved having Chris back, obviously. I don’t think it would’ve been a right goodbye if the people who came back hadn’t come back, so I’m very grateful that they did. It’s always difficult to get that many people back in the same place, especially in the pandemic, so I’m really glad it worked out that way.”

“Story-wise, it’s really lovely the capacity in which all the characters return,” she added.

Fans were already suspecting that Mehcad would be back when his Guardian character was seen on set filming with the rest of the heroes earlier this month. Check out a photo here!

If you missed it, Mehcad‘s character James’ sister Kelly, played by Azie Tesfai, will be taking up the Guardian mantle in an upcoming episode airing in September. Check out the official photo of her in costume!

Azie also co-wrote the episode in which it happens.

Supergirl‘s final episodes are currently airing on The CW, with only 12 left. Be sure to tune in to The CW on Tuesday nights at 9pm ET/PT.

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