Millie Mackintosh is PREGNANT with baby number two

Millie Mackintosh is PREGNANT! Star reveals she is expecting second child and debuts baby bump in sweet snap with daughter Sienna, 13 months

Millie Mackintosh has announced she is expecting her second child.

The former MIC star, 31, took to Instagram on Sunday to share a sweet snap of her baby bump as she lifted daughter Sienna, 13 months, into the air.

She wrote: ‘We are so excited to announce that Sienna is going to be a big Sister! 

Happy news: Millie Mackintosh has announced she is expecting her second child

‘I couldn’t keep this to myself for much longer and I’m running out of ways to hide my bump! Baby 2 is due later this year.’

The star will welcome her newest bundle of joy with husband Hugo Taylor, 35, who she wed in 2018.

Millie was positively glowing in a pink swimsuit which clung to her blossoming bump as she smiled in the snap. 

Coming soon: Millie said she was ‘so excited’ to make Sienna a big sister in her sweet post

Family: The star will welcome her newest bundle of joy with husband Hugo Taylor, 35 (pictured last month)

Congrats: The star’s celebrity friends were quick to send well-wishes following the announcement

The star’s celebrity friends including new mum Binky Felstead and Saturdays star Mollie King were quick to send well-wishes. 

Millie recently shared a glimpse of the diary she’s made to document her daughter Sienna’s progress alongside an adorable snap with her daughter. 

She told fans: ‘Its important to me to write these memories down so Hugo & I can see how much she is developing and growing as time goes by and have a record of them.’

Posting her journal entry for May 2021, Millie wrote: ‘You [Sienna] won’t be spoon fed anymore and only want to feed yourself, I love seeing how independent you are becoming even if it means a big clean up job after each meal.

‘You love music and making sounds and recently clapped your hands for the first time, now everything is worth clapping for!

Stylish: Last month Millie shared snaps from Sienna’s first birthday party 

‘You show me affection by crawling up to me and nuzzling me with your forehead and it’s the best feeling in the world, I hope you don’t grow out of this too quickly.

‘You love climbing the stairs but aren’t keen to learn how to go down despite me showing you how multiple times a day on my hands and knees.  

‘No sign of walking yet but you pull yourself up to stand on anything and everything and love to move all of the kitchen furniture around.

‘Your new favourite game is throwing all the balls out of the ball pit.. it’s also my new workout collecting them!

‘It amazes me how someone so small can make so much mess and in such a short amount of time! You go from one room to the next leaving a trail of toys, laundry, sticky finger marks behind you.

‘You scrunch up your nose, I can’t tell if you are doing it to amuse me or trying to tell me something but it’s very funny.

‘Since Hugo has gone back to work full time you have become more clingy with me, wanting to be picked up constantly. I am becoming pretty good at doing things with one hand while you perch on my hip but my lower back is killing me!’  

Last month the couple posted beautiful photos as they celebrated Sienna’s first birthday.

Millie revealed that they had given their lavish London home a pink makeover, decking it out with balloons, beautiful flowers and even a miniature tipi for their little girl to play in.

Family: The star has kept her Instagram followers updated with her journey into motherhood since welcoming Sienna last May 

Millie looked gorgeous in a ruffled gingham dress for the occasion as she sipped champagne, while Hugo cut a dapper figure in a pink shirt and black jeans.  

As for the birthday girl, her doting parents dressed her in an adorable pink party frock.

In a video shared by her mum on social media, Sienna was seen giggling as she unwrapped presents.  

Days earlier, Millie revealed having larger breasts as a new mum has been a challenging ‘adjustment’ and she felt her lowest post-pregnancy when ‘nothing fitted.’

Millie admitted she ‘never had to dress for boobs’ before welcoming daughter Sienna last year and joked her new cleavage is an ‘obstruction.’

Baby’s first beach trip! Millie looked effortlessly chic as she enjoyed a family trip to the seaside in Devon with husband Hugo and daughter Sienna on Tuesday

In an exclusive interview with MailOnline, Millie revealed she varied between being in awe of her body after giving birth to feeling ‘stressed and self-conscious’ over nothing fitting her post-postpartum.  

She said: ‘I never had to dress for boobs before! It has definitely been an adjustment. Milk boobs, they get bigger in pregnancy and then when your milk comes, that’s literally a whole other thing.

‘They’re just like obstructions! They just wouldn’t fit in anything. Then they started getting hard and leaking, it was a whole thing in that heatwave of last summer.’

Millie recently confessed to being ‘ashamed’ of her postpartum body.

But she insists those negative feelings came when she was at her lowest and frustrations about her clothes not fitting took over.    

She explained: ‘I said at the time I did find it really hard having a baby and there were moments I did feel ashamed about my postpartum body. That is how I felt on a low day, not all the time.

‘I was trying to emphasise I would go between being in awe of my body and like “wow I created this baby” and having all this appreciation for myself and “I’m making milk and feeding her and it’s amazing” and other days I felt like – “argh, nothing fits, I feel uncomfortable and when I leave the house someone’s taking my picture.”

‘I had that stress to think about, that made me feel more self-conscious – but I didn’t feel like that all the time.

‘I do massively appreciate my body. As time went on, it got easier but I think it’s really important to be honest about these feelings and not to lie and say “I love my postpartum body every day!” I wanted to be honest about my reality but it’s not like that for everyone.’  

Millie, who was first famed for throwing drinks on Made in Chelsea, attending glamorous parties and being part of the west London set alongside close pal Caggie Dunlop, admitted something finally clicked in her life after she became a mum.

She said: ‘It has changed me a lot. It has taught me a lot of lessons and I feel like I have come into myself more. I always wanted to be a mum. Things have clicked for me.

‘There are tough days and tough times but I really love it and Sienna’s amazing and I actually feel really fortunate to have had her during a lockdown because for us there have been a lot of benefits like having all the family time together with Hugo off work because he was on furlough, we had basically a year, the three of us, which was really amazing.

Radiant: Millie recently shared a topless throwback photo of her baby bump taken the day before she welcomed Sienna into the world in April 2020

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