Miriam Margolyes sorry for saying Steph McGovern 'isn't beautiful'

Red-faced Miriam Margolyes apologises to Steph McGovern for her rudeness because she said the TV host was ‘not beautiful’ during their last interview

Miriam Margolyes has apologised for telling Steph McGovern she is ‘not beautiful’. 

The Harry Potter actress, 82, is famous for her outspoken manner and shamelessly speaking her mind.

But on Thursday Miriam was caught in a rare moment of mortification in an appearance on Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch as she tuned in from Italy. 

Steph, 41, brought up the last time Miriam was on the show in 2021, in which the actress made some less than complimentary comments about her appearance, telling her to her face that she doesn’t think she is ‘beautiful’. 

As Miriam told her she was ‘looking good’ and complimented her ‘sparkly top’, Steph said: ‘Thank you – because I remember the last time you were on. You said to me about not being pretty which then set off a whole thing. 

Miriam Margolyes has apologised for telling Steph McGovern she is ‘not beautiful’

Miriam had made the less than complimentary remarks to Steph (pictured) in a November 2021 interview

Miriam dialled in via video chat from Tuscany, Italy for the chat with Steph

‘I know you weren’t saying it as an insult – you were just saying that I might potentially have other things I could offer rather than looks!’

Luckily Steph saw the funny side of the blunt comment while the rest of the studio roared with laughter. 

But Miriam – who clearly didn’t remember the previous conversation – was left red-faced, and admitted she had been ‘awful’. 

She rushed to apologise to Steph, saying: ‘What cheek of me! My god, I’m sorry I said that. How rude!’

Steph said: ‘Listen, that’s what I love about you. You just say what you think! And where does that confidence come from? 

‘You strike me as someone who just says how you feel and how you think and that is so refreshing.’

Miriam continued: ‘I tell the truth but I don’t think I should just say what pops into my head because it might hurt someone and it’s rude. 

‘And that sounds as if I’m saying you’re not pretty or something like that which is awful. I should never say that!

Famously outspoken Miriam was left red-faced after Steph reminded her of what she had said

Luckily Steph saw the funny side as the studio roared with laughter

She then added: ‘I think I’m going to spank myself several times!’ 

The British-Australian actress has made headlines in recent weeks for her appearance in Doctor Who, as fans called her guest role ‘perfect’. 

Meanwhile it was announced in October that Steph’s Packed Lunch would be axed after three years as Channel 4 battles to cut costs. 

Miriam previously featured as a guest on the show in 2021 via video link – telling host Steph: ‘you’re not beautiful’.

She had initially reflected on her own appearance, admitting: ‘I’ve had a very very lucky career because I’m not pretty. 

‘I’m short and fat and I’ve got no neck. That’s a real disadvantage but I managed to make a living and that’s a great credit to me.’

Steph said she was saying ‘derogatory’ comments about herself, but Miriam added: ‘I am not beautiful! That’s true!’ 

She then turned to Steph, giving her a very back-handed compliment: ‘You have to accept these things darling! I mean you’re not beautiful but you’ve got something that makes people want to watch you and I’ve got the same.’

Steph didn’t show any sign of offence: ‘I think you’re onto something there because I think being beautiful’s a hindrance. I’m glad I’m not the beautiful one because then there’s too many expectations on you.’ 

Steph concluded: ‘You’re better off being us.’ 

It is not the first time that the famously outspoken Miriam has got in trouble for speaking her mind too honestly. 

In 2020 Ofcom received 402 complaints after Miriam said she ‘wanted Boris Johnson to die’ from coronavirus during an appearance on Channel 4’s The Last Leg. 

Last year she left fans in hysterics after branding Leonardo Di Caprio as ‘smelly’ in yet another chaotic interview.  

Miriam has recently starred on Doctor Who, voicing Beep The Meep, a deceptively cuddly looking creature

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