Mod Sun and Avril Lavigne have dropped the music video for their collaborative single, “Flames.”

In a Twitter post sharing the video, Mod Sun told his fans, “Watch closely……I just announced the name of my album too.”

At the start of the video, Lavigne is seen sitting in a graveyard, and the camera focuses on a gravestone where it is written, “Internet Killed The Rockstar.” The rapper has added this title above his name on the Twitter account.

Talking about the collaboration, Lavigne said, “Mod and I had an immediate connection from the first day in the studio. He’s an incredible artist and producer. This is the first of many. Proud of what we made with ‘Flames.'”

Mod Sun said that Lavigne’s voice is one of his favorite voices in music.

“It’s so strong and confident, yet filled with emotion and one-of-a-kind inflections that only her voice can do,” he added. “This song holds a lot more weight than meets the eye. There’s a very deep message within it.”

“Flames” is already a hit among fans and charts, landing inside Billboard‘s U.S. Rock Digital Song Chart top ten.

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