My Marketing Tactics for CBD Gummies: Educational Content and Enticing Social Posts

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Gummies are one of the more popular CBD products on the market. According to findings from Grand View Research, the market for CBD gummies is projected to grow at a CAGR of 30.7 percent from 2021 to 2028. This popularity is indicative of how much cannabis and CBD brands stand to gain from taking the time now to revamp their marketing tactics.

But cannabis entrepreneurs and brand leaders have the monumental task of properly educating potential consumers. When it comes to successfully marketing the latest and greatest CBD items, it comes down to a smart combination of factors: engaging in influencer marketing and creating informative pieces and engaging posts.

Several years ago, hemp-derived CBD merchandise began popping up all over the legal free market in what insiders call the “adoption phase.” It was, and largely remains, up to the vendors and their marketing teams to inform the public of the various products and options available. On top of third-party testing results, pointing out informative facts through infographics and similar learning resources became paramount. After all, brands were tasked with educating consumers on the different variations of CBD products, like gummies.

It was during this time that my CBD store was focused on demonstrating social proof in the real world so we could address the needs of our potential customers. From this experience, I’ve learned how vital it is to connect with your current and potential customers. To reach our potential customer base and share how our products might fit into people’s lives, we turned to influencer marketing.

When my company launched our campaign, we sent out several CBD gummy products, including gummy bears, worms and rings, to a number of people each with an extremely high number of followers on social media. Then we asked them how our gummies fit into their daily routines. The stories were then publicized on our company’s numerous outlets. For instance, one of our influencers with millions of followers posted a video of herself getting ready for bed and taking a nighttime gummy as part of her routine. Another person displayed his favorite gummy flavors with a colorful photo on Instagram.

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A business has to show proof with influencer marketing in today’s competitive landscape. Business leaders need to think of marketing their cannabis products through educational content. Identifying your target audience is critical here. The blend of education and validation on social media outlets can help your brand gain greater exposure. The mix of the two is just as vital today, as the competitive CBD industry is continuing to grow on a daily basis. I’m seeing vendors experiencing more demand for specific use cases, such as gummies with melatonin with the intent to improve sleep. As the CBD business continues with innovation, it’s vital that brands think of how their company fits into this landscape.

Turn to your marketing department to help keep buyers informed as to what these specific products offer through instructive resources and content marketing. Keep your campaign enticing by making sure everything is relatable, fun and light-hearted. One way to do this is by getting buyers to explain their real stories online. Posting vivid pictures always helps too.

For instance, I once was contacted on social media by a single mother who was excited to tell her success story and experience using our products. We posted her story along with colorful photos of her and her family playing together on our outlets. Enticed viewers wanted to find out more and learned about her unique story in the write-up. Your existing customers could be a gold mine — you just need to give them the opportunity to share their stories to build that social proof.

Campaigns for domestically produced CBD gummies are growing more robust and compelling on a daily basis, as innovations give way to new edibles. In other words, we need to showcase how cannabis products are becoming more diversified on a daily basis and how they fit into customers’ lives.

So hop on board and get to work. Prioritizing educational content and interesting social media posts is a great way to get started and get the word out about your brand.

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