Netflix’s 2021 Meditation Moment Videos Feature Stars Like Gavin Leatherwood

After all the stress and uncertainty of last year, it’s time to begin 2021 by taking a deep breath in. Netflix’s 2021 Meditation Moment videos feature guided meditation from the network’s stars, like Gavin Leatherwood from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Queer Eye‘s Jonathan Van Ness. Here are the details on the calming new videos.

Netflix dropped its Meditation Moment videos on Jan. 1 as a chill way to usher in the new year. The short clips are a teaser for streaming platform’s new original series, Headspace Guide to Meditation, which showcases the benefits and science behind meditation.

Plenty of celebs are featured in the Meditation Moment videos on social media. You’ll want to check out Leatherwood’s guided meditation on Netflix’s Instagram account, which was announced with the caption, "It’s 2021. Let’s take a breath. This meditation brought to you by the soothing voice of @gavinleatherwood." The clip begins with an invitation from Leatherwood: "When was the last time you did nothing, I mean really nothing? Let’s try it." As Leatherwood narrates and guides you on how to breath in and out, you see colorful animations with scenes including a palm tree, a moon, a tennis racket, a boat, and more.

In addition to Leatherwood, Charlie Gillespie from Julie and the Phantom is also featured in a Meditation Moment on the Netflix Family Instagram account. The video, which is captioned, "Starting 2021 with a nice deep breath together," showcases the same animated scenes but with a different guided narration voiced by Gillespie.

You can even tune into a meditation led by Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye on Netflix’s The Most Instagram account, which is captioned, "Kick off 2021 with some soothing meditation courtesy of @jvn." Van Ness’ take on the guided meditation includes the empowering mantra, "I am stunning."

If you’d like to delve deeper into your practice after watching the videos, you’ll want to check out Netflix’s Headspace Guide to Meditation, which premiered on Jan. 1. The show features eight animated episodes that each explore different mindfulness techniques for meditation. The end of every episode even includes a guided meditation for you to follow along.

With Netflix’s new meditation content, you can look forward to taking on 2021 one breath at a time.

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