Netflix’s Three Most Streamed Movies of 2020 Are Shocking & Not What We Were Expecting

A study has been conducted by Forbes to figure out the most streamed movies of 2020 on Netflix.

This study encompasses every film on the streaming service, both original and movies that were previously released in theaters and later acquired by Netflix. Forbes came up with a mathematical system to see which movies have most dominated the Netflix Top 10 list all year, and from there, ranked them in order.

You’ll definitely recognize many of the titles on this list as Netflix originals, but there are some truly baffling choices on this list, including all three movies in the top three. None of them are Netflix original films, yet they were the three most-watched of the year.

Click through the slideshow to find out which movies were the most-streamed of 2020, including the surprising top three movies of the entire year…

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