Newlywed Naomi Watts opens up about ‘empowering shift’ after menopause woes

The Watcher: Naomi Watts stars in tense Netflix trailer

Oscar nominated actress Naomi Watts has given an insight into her struggles with early menopause following her happy later in life marriage to fellow actor Billy Crudup.

“I’m proud to still be working; when the defining narrative used to be that if you were a hair over 40 you were basically forced into retirement, seeing that shift, that’s empowering.

“There’s growing recognition that women’s stories don’t end at a certain age,” she told Hello! magazine.

“It’s a side comment here or there, barely even a secondary plot line, but menopause can consume a significant portion of a woman’s life – some people it can last over a decade. How is that not worth writing stories about?” she queried.

The Impossible star is partnering with Mariella Frostrup’s campaign group Menopause Mandate to help better support women in the UK and US.

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She has been a vocal advocate for women going through menopause for many years.

In October last year she explained how women are perceived as less desirable when they hit menopause to Oprah Daily.

“There was a feeling of, Oh my God, does this make me less desirable?” she said.

“In my industry, it’s scary. I heard someone say that, as an actress, your career is still active until you are u*********.

“That’s literally the term they used. What does that mean? Does that mean your career is over when your ovaries don’t work the way they used to?”

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The 54-year-old Mulholland Drive star and the 55-year-old Morning show actor Billy surprised everyone when they married in a simple ceremony at the New York courthouse last month.

The marriage came as the actress continues to be hugely in demand, most recently appearing in the Netflix hit The Watcher.

The couple met on the set of her 2017 Netflix series Gypsy, in which they played husband and wife.

They began a relationship later that year, a year after Naomi had split from her partner of 11 years, and father of her two sons, Liev Schreiber.

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