Nicola Peltz reveals she and Brooklyn wear each other’s teeth around their necks

Nicola Peltz has revealed that the gold chain around her neck is that of fiancé Brooklyn Beckham’s wisdom tooth and that the couple both wear each other’s teeth around their necks.

Nicola, 27, shared the little nugget of information with fans on Vogue's YouTube channel where she shared her beauty secrets.

After sharing her sun block of choice, the bride-to-be lifted the gold chain towards the camera and showed the gold tooth.

She said: “If you guys are wondering what this is, this is so weird, but this is Brooklyn’s wisdom tooth.”

Nicola went on: “I just finished filming a movie and Brooklyn’s teeth were really bothering him, we were trying it figure it out… he was the set photographer on my film.

“It was right before his birthday he got his wisdom teeth out and then of course my mum had my wisdom tooth from like five years ago in her closet so I did the same for him. He wears mine and I wear his.”

She added: “All our wisdom stuck in a tooth.”

The loved-up pair are often pictured in their matching tooth chains on their Instagram accounts but time will tell if they wear their unique necklaces for the big day.

Brooklyn and Nicola are set to make their vows to each other in one of the biggest celebrity weddings of recent years today, Saturday 9 April, with the ceremony and reception estimated to cost somewhere in the region of $3 million.

Brooklyn and Nicola aren’t the only celebrities to wear teeth as jewellery, as TV favouriteCat Deeleyrecently revealed she has had her son's teeth “dipped in gold” and made into bracelet.

Cat, 45, shares two sons with her husband Patrick Kielty: Milo, six, and James, three.

In the wake of Milo losing his first baby tooth, Cat thought of the unique idea to have it made into a piece of jewellery as she didn’t know what to do with it.

“I’m having a bracelet made at the moment. Now stick with me here – it’s slightly macabre and a bit weird,” she explained on The Sheerluxe Show podcast.

“My eldest child Milo has just started losing his teeth. He’s lost one so far. The tooth fairy came. But she had very little small change and had to give notes.

“So I am like, ‘What am I going to do with this tooth? I’m going to get him to dip the teeth in gold and attach them one by one to my bracelet.”

“They will dangle and it’ll look nuts,” Cat added.

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