Oh, a YouGov poll found that British youths hate the monarchy, wow!

How the YouGov worm turns! For a while now – years – I’ve questioned the methodology and push-polling of YouGov, the British pollster. YouGov tends to race around doing small-sample size polls of old white royalists whenever there’s a big royal story out. YouGov loves loves loves to pretend that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are still somehow trapped within the Windsors’ gilded cage and that their livelihoods depend on their popularity among 80-year-old racists with corgi memorabilia. Interestingly, according to Newsweek, there’s a new YouGov poll which has pretty terrible numbers for King Charles among the younger demographic. YouGov actually polled the youths? *clutches AirPods*

King Charles III’s royal family has sunk to an approval rating of -27 among Gen Z Brits, with 52 percent in favor of abolishing the monarchy.

The royals remain popular in the U.K. when the views of all age groups are taken together, but the monarchy appears to be losing the hearts and minds of Charles’ younger subjects, according to polling by YouGov in the aftermath of Prince Harry’s memoir.

Among 18-24-year-olds, 52 percent wanted to replace Charles with an elected head of state, compared to 34 percent who wanted to keep the king. Of those who expressed an opinion, 68 percent said they felt strongly about the subject.

Just 5 percent felt “very positive” about the royal family in general while 27 percent felt “very negative.” Overall, 58 percent felt either fairly or very negative compared to 31 percent who felt either fairly or very positive, giving the family a net approval rating of -27 among young people.

Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, author of This Is Why I Resist, told Newsweek: “I don’t think this data is surprising. It’s clear that the youth of today have more sense than their forebears. The era of deference to the monarchy ended when Queen Elizabeth died. People and I think the youths can see that the monarchy today is not relatable at all to any area of their lives. They don’t even speak to issues that they are passionate about. Even when they do, like for instance climate change, it’s only done when speaking to high-level countries and high-level politicians. They are not engaging one-on-one with those people they are supposed to be serving. And those members of the royal family who could be remotely relatable to the youth of today are the very members who have been kicked out.”

[From Newsweek]

I love Dr. Shola and I love that she’s always out there, calling out the racists and the colonialists. She’s doing the lord’s work. As for this YouGov poll… pretty brutal, right? As it turns out, some of the polling questions were also about Harry and Meghan, because that’s just what YouGov does, it constantly polls British people about what they think of an American and her husband, both of whom moved away from Salt Island three years ago. In any case, the poll found that British Gen Z doesn’t have a particularly warm opinion about the Sussexes either. Which, again, is fine. Just as long as Gen Z stays small-r republican, it’s like a ticking time bomb set to explode within the next decade.

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