Owain Wyn Evans corrects misconceptions about landing ‘dream’ BBC Breakfast weather job

Weather man Owain Wyn Evans is driving Naga Munchetty 'nuts'

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Owain Wyn Evans is one of the familiar faces of BBC Breakfast where he occasionally presents the weather. Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, Owain opened up about how he landed the role presenting alongside stars like Carol Kirkwood and Matt Taylor.

Owain has been a cover presenter for BBC Breakfast since he landed the role in February this year.

He confirmed the news on Twitter at the time, when he tweeted: “I am very excited to say that I’m presenting my first @BBCBreakfast weather tomorrow morning!”

This sees the beloved presenter filling in for Carol on days she’s off, as well as stepping in to present on weekends.

However, the star has now opened up about how he landed the role and what people often get wrong about the process.

Speaking about the experience, he said: “It’s been so lovely.

“BBC Breakfast is the biggest breakfast TV show and it gets a great audience.

“I’ve always liked the look and feel of it as well.”

Opening up about how he landed his role, he added: “Having worked in weather for years really, ending up even doing some shifts on that show was just always something that was a bit of a dream, to be honest.

“And so when I found out that I was going to be doing that it was fab.”

Owain first came to widespread attention when he performed a drumming edition of the BBC theme tune when filming a lockdown weather segment.

The star has since become known as one of the best-dressed men in weather, often donning three-piece suits when presenting.

Alongside BBC Breakfast, he’s been seen on BBC North Wales Tonight and The One Show.

Owain admitted the response he’s had from viewers of Breakfast so far has been great.

He continued: “The response I’ve had from the audience has been really lovely as well.

“I think, for me, it’s always been about being authentic and trying to be myself as much as I can on air.

“I love helping people try to understand the weather.”

However, Owain did admit some viewers have misinterpreted some elements of his BBC Breakfast appearance.

He explained: “I suppose you have to go back quite a long time to fully realise where this started for me.

“People see me popping up for BBC Breakfast and think, ‘Oh he’s just started doing this. He’s new.’

“But I started doing weather back in 2012 and I was the first weather presenter really to do digital personality-based video forecasts when we had Vine back in the day.

“Since then, I’ve always thought about things that I’d really love to do and BBC Breakfast has been one of them.

“Being able to do these weekend shifts for them, it’s just been fab.”

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