Paris Jackson seen for first time since new stalking claim

Paris Jackson seen for first time since latest stalking claim with beefed up security including bodyguard and dog… days after filing for restraining order

Paris Jackson appears to have beefed up her security after the latest incident involving a stalker who she maintains has targeted her for four years.

On Sunday, in what appears to be her first public outing since seeking a restraining order against the man, the singer stepped out for a walk with her large Doberman Pinscher named Koa by her side.

She also has a security guard who was following close behind her and her pet pooch for the entire walk near her home in Los Angeles.

The afternoon excursion comes just days after Jackson, who is the only daughter of late music icon Michael Jackson, filed a restraining order after the alleged stalker scaled her home’s fence and peeked through her windows.

According to the musician, who says she’s now become scared to be alone at home, this is the same man who started been sending her unwanted messages in December 2019.

Beefed up security: Paris Jackson, 25, headed out on a walk with a Doberman Pinscher and a security guard following close behind following the latest report of man stalking her

Jackson, 25, played pack leader to her pooch by leading the way along the streets, dressed in tattered denim overalls that were cut into skimpy shorts.

She also wore a white tank top without a bra, which helped showcase the many tattoos all across both arms and shoulders.

The Undone star had one of the straps of the overalls unbuttoned and hanging down to the side, giving admirers more of a view of her lean figure.

She accessorized with cool sunglasses, several rings, bracelets and long necklaces that hung down to her chest and stomach.

In keeping with her rocker images, Jackson had her long dyed blonde locks pulled up into a messy loose bun.

The Los Angeles native rounded out her Sunday ensemble with a pair of brown high-top sneakers.

As for Koa, Jackson had a military green harness strapped to over his back and front of his chest with a sign, ‘Do not pet’ attached to the side of it.

At one point, the Bandaid singer stopped her walk for a brief chat with an apparent fan, who looked to be a teenager. The two ended the chat with a big hug and then Jackson continued on with her walk with Koa.

Rocker chic: The singer-songwriter kept it rocker-cool in the fashion department incut-off denim overalls, a white tank top and brown high-top sneakers

Hugging it out: At one point, the Bandaid singer stopped her walk for a brief chat with an apparent fan, who looked to be a teenager

The latest alleged home invasion took place on August 23, when the intruder purportedly made it onto her backyard before being accosted and sent him fleeing.

Jackson was not home at the time, but a friend of hers who was staying on the property witnessed the trespass, TMZ reported.

The friend headed to the backyard and accosted the intruder, who fled and was nowhere to be found by the time police arrived. 

However, officers did file a report and purportedly intend to bolster their patrol of the vicinity, according to law enforcement insiders. 

Two days later, the singer-songwriter went to court and began her current attempt to secure a restraining order against the man in question.

She claims that although the stalker is not known to her personally, he has been arrested on her property in the past.

His appearances at her home through the years have left her nervous that his confidence is growing, and that it could lead to more scarier situations.

She now asking the courts to ban the man from contacting her online and require him to remain at least 100 yards from her person, her house, her car or anyplace she performs.  

The King of Pop’s oldest child has a history of being targeted by alleged predators. 

Seeking protection: The musician, who is Michael Jackson’s only daughter, is seeking a restraining order against a man that she accuses of having stalked her for years

Her requests: Jackson wants the alleged stalker banned from contacting her online and required to remain at least 100 yards from her person, her house, her car or anyplace she performs

The singer claimed she briefly encountered her alleged stalker in June 2018 when he appeared at the recording studio where she was working.

According to Jackson, he told her he had paid multiple visits to the studio and on one occasion remained in the area for 15 hours, TMZ reported citing court documents.

In the legal documents, she also asserted that one of her friends approached the man and demanded to know what he was doing there, and that he responded: ‘What the f*** does it look like I’m doing here? I’m stalking your b****. 

The Lost star alleged further that the man, before being arrested, said: ‘By midnight it will all be over…the way it ends is with her or with a shotgun.’

She claimed in her legal documents that the man reached out to her on what was then Twitter, where he is said to have referred to her as his soulmate. 

Michael Jackson shared his daughter with his second wife Debbie Rowe, who married him the year of his divorce from his first wife Lisa Marie Presley.

Rowe and the King Of Pop first met when she was working as a nurse at the clinic where he underwent treatment for his infamous vitiligo. 

Jackson and Rowe also welcomed a now 26-year-old son, Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., who goes by the nickname ‘Prince.’

Royalty: Paris Jackson is the eldest of the King Of Pop’s three chilren; she is seen as a youngster with her father at Harrods in 2005, which was  four years before he was tragically killed after taking propofol as a sleep aid at the age of 50

After his second divorce, the Billie Jean singer had a child via surrogacy called Prince Michael ‘Blanket’ Jackson II in 2002. 

Michael died at the age of 50 in 2009 from a cardiac arrest he suffered after having had propofol administered as a sleep aid. 

His legacy has fallen under renewed scrutiny in recent years because of the long-running allegations that he was a child molester.

Although Michael was acquitted in 2005, the allegations have persisted in the public square, including in the 2019 docuseries Leaving Neverland.

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