Paul McCartney Remembers Relief At Reconciling With John Lennon Before His Death

Paul McCartney revealed on his 12-part podcast series “McCartney: A Life in Lyrics” that he felt relieved that he could mend his broken relationship with John Lennon before he was killed.

McCartney and Lennon became embroiled in legal disputes after the latter left the Beatles in 1969, and their relationship remained strained throughout the ’70s.

McCartney revealed during the podcast that they were able to become closer again before Lennon was shot dead in 1980 by Mark David Chapman outside his home in New York City.

“In the end, it was something I was very glad of, when he got murdered, that I’d had some really good times with him before that happened,” said McCartney. “It would have been the worst thing in the world had he just been killed and we still had a bad relationship. That would have been a big guilt trip for me. Luckily, we were friendly, we talked about how to bake bread.”

“You’ve got to remember, I sued him in court, I sued his friends from Liverpool, life-long friends, in court. There’s a lot of getting over that has to be done,” he added.

In 1984, McCartney told Playboy that the last phone conversation he had with Lennon was really great and they didn’t have any kind of blow-up.

(Photo: Mary McCartney)

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