People: It will ‘take a long time’ for Prince William & Harry to overcome their beef

Prince William and Prince Harry’s years-long falling out covers the latest quarterly issue of People Royals. I wondered if People Royals would ever get into any of this, because the quarterly magazine is basically the lightest, most sugary royal propaganda ever in previous issues. This cover story is basically… I don’t know, an interview with Robert Lacey? Lacey wrote Battle of Brothers. The original version of which was somewhat critical of William, and critical of the Cambridge marriage. But Lacey was then co-opted by William and the updated version of Battle of Brothers featured a very keen narrative about how “sources” were almost positive that the Duchess of Sussex is a “narcissist” and “sociopath.” I sh-t you not. So, here are some highlights from this cover story:

William & Harry were very close as kids: “Broadly speaking, they have always been very different characters but very close because of their situation—the fact that [their parents’] marriage was unhappy. They relied upon each other,” Penny Junor, who has written two biographies of the brothers, says in the new issue of PEOPLE Royals.

The brothers were always competitive: While William may have been seen as the natural-born leader, friends and palace sources say the brothers, raised with the finest education money and privilege can afford, were always competitive alpha males. Yes, William was the heir, but insiders say Harry was considered central to the royal family’s future planning. “Harry’s position was set,” a source says of the optics at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

Why did the brothers fall out? “[The arguments ahead of the wedding] intensifies the emotion,” says royal historian Robert Lacey. “I spent a long time analyzing these accusations. Clearly, human emotion and feelings that had once been so strong went sour, creating bitterness that is going to take a long time to overcome.” Some who know the brothers feel there were several issues that built upon one another, while one well-placed source says that it can’t be easily put down to one thing.

Would Harry have left the UK if not for Meghan? Some of those close to the couple believe that Harry would never have left the U.K. had he not met Meghan. “But he wasn’t happy in his life before,” says a family friend. “She has brought him happiness, so he is determined to pursue his life alongside her. He’s so full of character and full of love as well.”

Harry’s ghostwriter J.R. Moehringer: “This is a highly skilled author and will be a very powerful, well-written book,” adds Lacey.

Salt Island is still shook about Harry’s memoir: One source close to the family believes Harry has the ability to exacerbate tensions with his personal reflections. But a friend counters that the memoir has a very different objective: “The book will be positive about what he’s learned.”

Will the brothers have a reconciliation? “If they were in a room on their own, they would say they miss each other,” a royal insider tells PEOPLE Royals. Given the promise of the next generation, “There’s the old cliché that time heals [all wounds], and the Queen herself is a big believer in that, stemming from her religious faith,” adds Lacey. “I would say the prospects for the future are positive.”

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Lacey in particular knows a lot more than he’s saying. Lacey has insider knowledge from the institutional figures, not just the clown show at Kensington Palace. He knows that KP has spent much of the past five years smearing Meghan and Harry. He knows that there’s something fundamentally unsuitable about William. That’s why Lacey has always insisted that it is so important that Harry “come back” and that the monarchy needs him. It’s because William is awful. Anyway… why make this the cover and then not get into what’s really going on?

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