Pete Davidson Covered in Fake Blood for New Movie, Not a Kanye Video

Here’s Pete Davidson bleeding all over the place as he films for his upcoming horror movie … an image that would probably garner a standing ovation from Kanye West.

Pete’s filming scenes for the new Miramax thriller “The Home” in New Jersey … and the fake blood is a case of art imitating possible life for Kim Kardashian‘s boyfriend.

Remember … Pete and Kanye are beefing over Kim, and it’s getting ugly. Kanye’s already made his fantasies about Pete well known, writing rap lyrics about beating PD up and imagining Pete’s death and burial in the accompanying music video.

So, you’d think seeing Pete with a huge gash on his head and blood splattered all over his clothes would seem to be straight out of the mind of Kanye … but it’s just not.

Bloodied Pete Davidson, at least on this Jersey movie set, is the work of ‘The Purge’ creator James DeMonaco. In “The Home,” Pete’s character is Max, a troubled guy working at a retirement home who discovers the old folks and caretakers have some serious skeletons in their closets.

Pete’s trying to keep his cool with Kanye … and he’s easing his nerves here, smoking a cigarette as he takes some direction between takes.

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