Pete Davidson Kicks Off Multiyear Deal With Grooming Brand Manscaped With Cheeky Ad

In the tongue in cheek video announcement, the former ‘Saturday Night Live’ star cheekily introduces himself as ‘the new face, among other parts’ of the ‘down there’ grooming company.

AceShowbizPete Davidson is now the “new face,” and “other parts,” of Manscaped. The former “Saturday Night Live” star has teamed up with the intimate men’s grooming company to share his personal care tips and advertised its Lawn Mower 4.0 trimmer.

In a tongue in cheek commercial, the funnyman quipped, “Let’s show them how hairless we could be, boys!” He added, “Presentation matters! Don’t make me get specific ’cause I will. Shave it, baby.” At one point, he hailed himself as “the new face, among other parts, of Manscaped” and said, “I’ve been using this guy long enough to where I think it’s time we went into business together.”

Meanwhile, the company’s founder and CEO Paul Tran has hailed their “incredibly talented” new partner. He said in a statement, “Pete is the perfect brand partner for Manscaped. Both his sense of humor and sense of self closely fit our brand voice and values.”

“One of those core values is to not take ourselves too seriously; it makes our brand approachable and allows for authentic connections with our fans,” Paul continued. “We’re so fortunate to work with Pete who is incredibly talented and has a natural ability to connect with men and women all over the world in a similar fashion.”

Meanwhile, Pete’s girlfriend, and SKKN by Kim founder, Kim Kardashian recently revealed how the famous couple have bonded over their skincare regimes. She said, “I’ve learned so much about skincare actually from him. He’s really into skincare. That’s like our thing, we go to dermatologists and facials.”

And she even admitted her man has helped her apply pimple cream in the past, even when she was asleep. In an episode of “The Kardashians” last month, she confessed, “I had this big pimple on my nose and I kept complaining about [it] and being like, ‘Oh my God, I have to get up… [and] put pimple medicine on.’ “

“I fell asleep at 8:30, I was so tired and I woke up in the morning with dried pimple medicine on my nose,” she shared. “He put it on for me in my sleep because he knew that I really needed it to go away.”

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