Poldark star Eleanor Thompson to star in Netflix remake of One Day

Poldark star Eleanor Thompson, 30, to play flame-haired love cheat in Netflix remake of the blockbuster film One Day – originally starring Anne Hathaway – as she is seen filming the soon-to-be-released series in south-west London

She made her name as Demelza, the demure wife of Captain Ross Poldark, who then transformed into a no-nonsense feminist.

But now actress Eleanor Tomlinson has landed a rather more risque role as a seductive love cheat in a Netflix remake of blockbuster movie One Day.

The Mail on Sunday can reveal she is to star as Sylvie, the wife of lead character Dexter Mayhew, who ends up in bed with another man while her husband and baby girl Jasmine are at home.

Miss Tomlinson, 30, was seen filming scenes in South-West London last week alongside Leo Woodall, who will portray Dexter in the forthcoming series.

He previously starred in Sky Atlantic drama The White Lotus.

The Mail on Sunday can reveal Eleanor Tomlinson, pictured, is to star as Sylvie, the wife of lead character Dexter Mayhew, who ends up in bed with another man while her husband and baby girl Jasmine are at home

ON-SCREEN LOVE: Eleanor Tomlinson with co-star Leo Woodall

Dressed in jeans and a jumper, Eleanor was all smiles as she stood outside a Victorian house believed to be the marital home of Dexter and Sylvie. She was portrayed in the film version by Romola Garai.

Also spotted was Blackadder star Tim McInnerny who it is believed plays Dexter’s father Steven, a role previously played by Ken Stott.

The scenes see Dexter and Sylvie joined by friends.

Lead character Emma Morley, who was portrayed by Oscar- winning actress Anne Hathaway in the movie, will this time be played by Ambika Mod, star of comedy medical drama This Is Going To Hurt, which was broadcast on the BBC earlier this year. In that series she appeared as the female lead, Shruti Acharya, alongside Ben Whishaw who played doctor Adam Kay.

The new version of One Day, like the 2011 movie, is an adaptation of David Nicholls’s 2009 bestselling novel.

It charts a series of intense personal encounters between Emma and Dexter, who first meet on their graduation day at Edinburgh University on July 15, 1988. They spend a platonic night together and agree to be just friends. The drama gives a snapshot of their lives on the same day – 15 July, St Swithin’s Day – over the next 20 years.

 Anne Hathaway (left) played lead character Emma Morley in 2011. Emma will be portrayed by Ambika Mod (right) in the 2022 re-make

Jim Sturgess (left) played Dexter Mayhew in 2011. Dexter will be portrayed by Leo Woodall (right) in the 2022 re-make

Romola Garai (left) played Sylvie in 2011. Eleanor Tomlinson (right) will portray Sylvie in the 2022 re-make

Dexter, who becomes a television presenter, and Emma, a teacher and later a writer, move on in life and find other partners, but following Dexter’s divorce from Sylvie, they decide they want to be together and have a baby. However, when tragedy later strikes their dream comes to an abrupt end.

Filming for the Netflix series began in London last month and will also take place in Edinburgh.

David Nicholls has previously said that he was inspired to write One Day after spending a summer in Edinburgh working at the Fringe comedy and arts festival.

He received an honorary degree from the university in 2015.

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