Polish Couple Books Entire Hotel to House Ukrainian Refugees

As millions of refugees continue to flee Ukraine amid the Russian invasion, one couple is springing into action in the most humanitarian way — giving traumatized families a safe place to sleep and begin their new lives.

Jakub and Gosia Golata are Polish-born UK citizens who’ve done something remarkable … dropping everything in their lives and heading back to their native land to offer assistance by booking the entire Park Hotel in Tryszczyn. It currently has 180 beds, and the Golatas are using them exclusively to provide free refuge for Ukrainians.

Not just that … but they’re also volunteering transportation to and from the border via buses they’ve rented there. They joined us Wednesday on “TMZ Live” tell — with the assistance of donations that have been pouring in from all over.

We asked what motivated them to do all this — especially considering they’ve paused their day-to-day occupations in England — and their answer was telling … basically, they say they just couldn’t stand by and not to do nothing for a neighboring nation in crisis.

Thus far, the Golatas have been able to raise just over 50,000 British pounds (about $66k) on their org’s GoFundMe page, out of a goal of 150,000 pounds. They say the donations are helping them keep the supplies coming, and keep the lights on at the hotel.

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