Prince Harry & Meghan talk vaccine equality at the Global Citizen Festival

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex had a busy Saturday, which I assume was their last full day of their “New York tour.” In the late morning, they had meetings at the United Nations, and then by the afternoon, they were in Central Park for the Global Citizen Festival. This was the reason for their trip, although I think they’ve made it clear that they’re welcome everywhere and they’re treated like visiting dignitaries wherever they go.

For the Global Citizen appearance, Meghan wore a Valentino dress which retails for $5400. Again, she’s paying for her own clothes and jewelry these days so I have no idea why the British media is so obsessed (other than racism). Would I have chosen this dress for Meghan? Not really, but I get what she was going for – something looser through her midsection, but cute. She’s comfortable showing off her legs and that’s what this dress does. The detailing is very pretty, I’ll say that – there’s really nice bead work which you can only see in close-ups.

I saw a Daily Mail headline call the Global Citizen festival “Wokestock” and I was just like… really? Are we going to continue to do this? If you have that (dumbf-k) energy for the Sussexes, you better keep the same energy for when the other royals copy them poorly. Besides, Harry and Meghan were there with very concrete goals: to drastically increase global vaccination efforts and promote vaccine equality. Tangible issues with realistic goals, supported by world leaders and national and international public health policy experts.

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