Princess Kate copied Meghan’s style yet again, this time at ‘Together at Christmas’

On Friday, the Princess of Wales hosted her third annual Together at Christmas piano recital. We haven’t heard anything about Kate gracing the world with her piano-key plunking yet again, but it’s completely possible that she went for a pre-taped skit which could air during the Christmas Eve broadcast, you just never know.

This was the first time all three of the Wales kids came out for the event – last year, it was just Charlotte and George, this year Louis finally got to come. Louis promptly reminded everyone why his parents rarely bring him for public events! You know he got wax everywhere and the photos of him leaning over to blow out his sister’s candle made it to all of the papers. At one point, Louis also looked like he was about to f–k with his dad’s candle. One thing I enjoy about Louis is that you can see Kate’s lacquered-on facade begin to crumble in slow-motion as her youngest acts up. Also: I really wish George didn’t have to dress up like a little stockbroker wherever he goes. Let the kid wear a Santa sweater!

As for Kate… she’s been updating her Meghan Lookbook all year, noting how many times Meghan wore all-white ensembles. Kate was particularly fond of Meghan’s Cuyana ensemble at the Invictus Games in September, which is why Kate had to put her own keen stink on it. Kate’s trousers are from Holland Cooper, her bag is by Strathberry and her earrings are Van Cleef & Arpels. The British papers made several references to a “White Christmas,” and even an “all-white Christmas,” because get it, only white royals are allowed in the UK. I’m surprised someone didn’t call it a white-power suit again. A bit on the nose for one of the royal racists.

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Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Cover Images.

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