Princess Kate & William finally offered to donate food to a foodbank

Here are more photos of Katie Keen the Rugby Machine on Wednesday, where she did a haphazard event focused on rugby, men, male emotions and fatherhood. Something something Shaping Us, something something mental health, look, Kate wore her hair in a high ponytail and posed with a rugby ball. I tried to read through her statement at the event and it was just a word salad about (what else) Early Years. And rugby.

Kensington Palace must have realized that “sending Kate out to do impromptu skits using peasants as props” wasn’t getting the job done. The job being “distract from Prince Harry’s presence in London.” As I said yesterday, the current crop of palace advisors couldn’t problem-solve their way out of a wet paper bag. Speaking of, Kensington Palace announced that William and Kate have finally “offered” to donate food to a food bank. At long last.

The Prince and Princess of Wales have offered to replace food stolen from a Welsh foodbank last week. St Thomas Church foodbank in Swansea announced it had “no food to give out” after a break-in at the weekend, but when the royal couple heard about what happened they were quick to get in touch with the church.

In a statement published on Facebook on Monday, the church said: “Over the weekend we have been broken into and all of our foodbank food has been stolen. Other items including an orange bike that had been donated for a family, our youth group tuck shop supplies and baby items have also been taken. We simply have no food to give out because every bag of food has been taken. We are here to support the most vulnerable in society and the most desperate. If you find yourself in a position where the only option is to steal food from a foodbank then please get in touch well before that. We are a forgiving bunch and would love to support you out of that situation.”

Speaking to ITV News, Reverend Steven Bunting said: “Yeh, it’s been crazy – the response. It’s been so hard to be discouraged when we’ve been surrounded by so much love and generosity. We’ve had people coming in donating £5 all the way up to the local working man’s club, the local schools and businesses, and as you said, the Prince and Princess of Wales contacted us earlier to offer their love and support as well. They would like to replace the food that was taken, they very much want to do that.”

[From The Independent]

William and Kate are famous for showing up empty-handed to food banks, baby banks, refugee centers, low-income nurseries and homeless shelters. Just this week, Kate was empty-handed at a family hub center in Windsor – she couldn’t be bothered to bring diapers or baby clothes or even a coffee cake. William and Kate have both done events where they come into contact with refugee children, kids who have fled their homes with little more than the clothes on their back… and Will and Kate still refused to bring toys or blankets or food or backpacks. So, yeah. It was nice of them to offer to replenish this foodbank’s stolen goods. I hope they get in the habit of doing that more often.

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