Priscilla Presley reveals Lisa Marie had stomach pain before death

Priscilla Presley reveals tragic daughter Lisa Marie said ‘my stomach hurts really bad’ two days before death from bowel obstruction aged 54: ‘I don’t wish this on any mother’

Priscilla Presley has revealed her late daughter Lisa Marie Presley complained of her stomach ‘hurting really bad’ just days before her tragic death from a bowel obstruction.

Lisa Marie died on January 12 2023 aged 54 from the small bowel obstruction caused by previous weight-loss surgery – with opioids found in her blood at the time of her death.

Her final public appearance was at the Golden Globe Awards on January 10  – in which she sparked concern – with Priscilla detailing her final memories with her only daughter in an emotional interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

She said: ‘I did know there was something not right’ about the days preceding Lisa Marie’s death, recalling how the pair went to Chateau Marmont to celebrate Austin Butler’s win for his role as the music icon in movie Elvis.

Priscilla said: ‘We had just gotten there, you go down all these stairs. I tripped a little bit because I had these high heels on, and she started laughing so hard. I started laughing. We hadn’t even had a drink yet. 

Tragic loss: Priscilla Presley has revealed her late daughter Lisa Marie Presley complained of her stomach ‘hurting really bad’ just days before her tragic death from a bowel obstruction (pictured June 2022)

Interview: Priscilla conducted the interview alongside Sofia Coppola, who has directed upcoming biopic Priscilla, based on the star’s biography Elvis And Me, which was originally published in 1985

‘She goes, “Oh my God, Mom, you can’t even have a drink.” … It was fun, a fun memory. Then we sat down and ordered drinks, and she says, “Mom, my stomach hurts really bad.” We immediately got up and left.” 

Two days later  Lisa Marie’s ex-husband Danny Keough called Priscilla to inform her the star had collapsed at home and was in the hospital – with Priscilla saying: ‘I got right in the car, but she was already gone. I still can’t believe it. I don’t wish this on any mother.’

Lisa Marie’s death sparked a dispute between her daughter Riley Keough, 34 and Priscilla over ownership of the estate. 

In a recently-signed settlement Priscilla agreed – in exchange for $1.4 million plus an undisclosed sum for ten years – to relinquish control of her late daughter’s Promenade Trust, leaving Riley, star of TV’s Daisy Jones and the Six, as sole trustee. 

The agreement between Priscilla and Riley settled a reported feud between the two sparked when, only two weeks after Lisa Marie’s death in January, Priscilla filed a legal challenge to her daughter’s will – which had taken control of her wealthy Promenade Trust away from Priscilla and given it to Riley.

Riley was said to be furious when her grandmother went to court to protest the will.

But in her motion to seal, Priscilla nixed the notion of a feud and said she had fired the lawyers who filed her petition disputing the will.

‘My January 2023 petition was misconstrued in the press as a “fight” over my beloved daughter’s Trust,’ she wrote. ‘That was not the intent. The petition was filed by a law firm who has since been terminated.

Stunning: Priscilla slipped into a long black gown for the magazine shoot

Supportive: Both Priscilla and Lisa Marie  attended the 80th Golden Globes two days before her death, in a show of support for the acclaimed Elvis (2022) biopic – Priscilla says Lisa Marie said ‘my stomach hurts really bad’ after they went for drinks on the night 

Final appearance: Priscilla said: ‘I still can’t believe it. I don’t wish this on any mother.’. (Lisa Marie pictured January 10 – two days before her death)

Pose: Priscilla and Sofia posed up for the magazine shoot

 ‘I filed the petition to resolve all potential uncertainty surrounding the interpretation of the Promenade Trust.

‘My daughter’s passing was both devastating and heartbreaking.

‘We have learned that the fans realize that we are “Just A Family”. Elvis would be proud and his and Lisa’s wishes are what are most important to all of us.

‘My grand-daughter, through her own counsel, along with my team, worked diligently and tirelessly to resolve all misunderstandings as a family.’

Riley also agrees with sealing the private financial arrangement she has made with her grandmother – which includes paying Priscilla a certain amount (redacted in the court document) ‘per year for 10 years or life’ as a special advisor to the trust, plus $1 million and  $300,000 – $400,00 in legal fees.

Their settlement also grants Priscilla’s wish to be buried at Graceland, Elvis’ home in Memphis, Tennessee.

In the interview Priscilla denied Riley and her were ever on bad terms, adding it was the ‘right’ decision that Riley should be executor of her estate – and that the pair were having dinner together that night.

She said Riley ‘knows’ that she is there to help her and wants the assistance. 

Priscilla conducted the interview alongside Sofia Coppola, who has directed upcoming biopic Priscilla, based on the star’s  biography Elvis And Me, which was originally published in 1985.

The movie tells Priscilla’s side of the story of her life with the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Family: Lisa is pictured with mom Priscilla and daughter Riley Keough in 2015 

The flick – due for release on October 23 – stars Jacob Elordi as Elvis and Cailee Spaeny as Priscilla  whom he started romancing when she was a young girl. The movie was filmed in Toronto, Canada last year.

Elvis and Priscilla met for the first time in  Germany in 1959 when he was 24  and serving in the army and she was just 14.

After he returned home to the US, they kept in touch via phone calls – before she eventually convinced her parents to let her move to Memphis, Tennessee full-time to be with him in 1963. 

Priscilla spent eight years in a relationship with Elvis before they wed in a Las Vegas ceremony in 1967. The pair welcomed one daughter – Lisa Marie.

They divorced in 1973 over the Blue Suede Shoes hitmaker’s infidelities – with Elvis tragically dying just four years later aged 42 from a heart attack. 

Last month an  L.A. County Coroner report revealed Lisa Marie died from sequelae (a condition which is the consequence of a previous disease or injury) of small bowel obstruction.

The bowel obstruction was in the form of strangulated small bowel, caused by adhesions that developed after bariatric surgery (stomach stapling) many years prior.

The toxicology results also show Lisa had ‘therapeutic’ levels of Oxycodone in her blood, with a second opioid Buprenorphine – which is used to treat opioid dependence – also found.

There were also traces of Quetiapine, an antipsychotic drug, reported TMZ.

New film: Priscilla – due for release on October 23 – stars Jacob Elordi as Elvis and Cailee Spaeny as Priscilla whom he started romancing when she was a young girl 

The coroner states there was no ‘drug paraphernalia or narcotics’ found at her home and her urine toxicology screen was negative.

The report confirms Lisa had a cosmetic procedure a few months before her death and was prescribed opioids, with the star having a history of ‘overmedicating’ – forgetting she had taken her medication and then taking them again.

The reports also states the star had a ‘history of alcohol and drug abuse.’

Lisa Marie welcomed daughter Riley and son Benjamin with ex-husband Danny Keough – who she was married to from 1988 to 1994. Benjamin died by suicide in 2020 at age 27.

She welcomed twin daughters Harper and Finley in 2008 with then-husband Michael Lockwood, but the pair divorced in 2016. 


Sources told  TMZ that Lisa Marie was found unresponsive in her bedroom by her housekeeper and that her ex-husband, Danny Keough, who she has been living with, performed CPR until paramedics arrived.

Lisa Marie  was trying to lose weight for the Elvis awards season and was even taking opioids in the weeks before her death.

The star underwent plastic surgery two months before the Golden Globes and lost up to 50 pounds as part of a strict regimen.

Lisa Marie had previously struggled with an addiction to opioids after she was given a short-term prescription during her recovery from the birth of her twin daughters, Harper Vivienne and Finley in 2008.

By 2013, she was heavily abusing cocaine and checked into rehab at least five times.

Tragedy: Lisa’s son Benjamin died by suicide in 2020 at age 27 (pictured 2015)

Daughters: The star was also mom to twin girls Finley and Harper Vivienne, 14, with ex husband Michael Lockwood (pictured 2017)

Famous family: Lisa is seen as a baby with father Elvis Presley and mom Priscilla  

Legacy: The star was just nine years old when her father Elvis died (pictured 1970) 

Ex: The star is seen with ex husband Michael Lockwood in 2015

She was believed to have been sober in recent years, but following her son’s death her ex-husband Michael Lockwood said he feared she could relapse.

As a teenager, she rebelled with drugs from the age of 13 to 17, but her mother put her into The Castle, a Scientology center in Hollywood, to get her off drugs.

‘I did everything but mushrooms and heroin or crack,’ she said.

‘Cocaine, sedatives, pot, and drinking — all at the same time… I don’t know how I lived through it.

‘I woke up one day with a bunch of people on the floor. I drove myself to the Church of Scientology and said: ‘Somebody… help me right now.’

For a time it worked, and Lisa Marie said she was drug-free from the age of 17.

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